Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 68 - Brussels Sprouts

Here’s the deal – I am picky about my fresh vegetables.  Vegetables are basically my favorite food group (maybe tied with cheese…) so I want GOOD vegetables!  I am the type of shopper who touches, examines, and even at times SMELLS the produce.  And yet….  I like Trader Joe’s brussels sprouts, even though they are sold in a sealed BAG so are untouchable, squeezable, or SMELL-ABLE! 

In other stores I would carefully look through the bin of loose brussels sprouts to choose the ones I want.  At Trader Joe’s, you can peek through the clear parts of the bag and check the “sell by” date, but that is as far as you can go. 

And in my experience that is JUST FIIIINE.  I have never gotten a bad bag of brussels sprouts at TJs (and trust me, I have eaten my share of their sprouts).  I buy and cook them year-round and they are always fresh and tasty.  In fact I made some for dinner just this evening.  The package says it is five servings, but in our experience one bag equals four servings (then again, we like us some brussels  sprouts!).

Price – $2.49

Rating – 5

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