Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 67 - Turkish Smyrna Figs

Let me start by saying that the dried fruits and nut aisle at Trader Joe’s is OUTSTANDING.  I mean, it is honestly fabulous.  There are SO MANY choices and variations – nuts of this persuasion and that, dried fruits with spices and those that are naked…  You must walk down the dried fruit and nut aisle to truly appreciate it.

A NUT looking at the dried fruit and nut aisle in a Trader Joe's in North Carolina

 That being said, the Turkish Smyrna Figs are a lovely choice!!  This was our first purchase of this particular dried fruit and we were very happy with it.  We ended up sneaking the bag into an all day Best Picture nominated Oscar movie watching fest, and I am quite certain we were the healthiest snackers in the whole entire sold out theatre. 

Tasty and healthy snack - dried figs

A fine price for a fine fig

The packaging for these figs works well – after opening there is a little Ziplock-like closure on the top and it really works (as opposed to some packaging which HAS the zip top but for some reason it can’t close…).  The figs are really tasty!!  They are plump and soft and yummy.  Try them!

Full disclosure – as soon as summer hits we will have our own FRESH FIGS right in the side yard.  Last year was the first time our tiny fig tree (her name is Pudding…) bore fruit, and boy was it NICE!  I had never had a fresh fig until I plucked one off of Pudding and bit into the lusciousness that is fig.  Ahhhh. 

A real live FIG ON OUR TREE!

This is on of our fresh figs cut in half - isn't it gorgeous?
But until the new figs appear on our tree, these dried ones from TJs will do juuuust fine.

Price - $3.49

Rating - 4

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