Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 66 - Cara Cara Naval Oranges

GO TO TRADER JOE’S NOW AND GET THESE CARA CARA NAVAL ORANGES.  Seriously – today!  They are a “seasonal product”, meaning the store will only carry (or should I say, “carry carry” J ) them a short time.  And you need to taste them!

This is the bag you are looking for - go get one!
They are delicious!  They are juicy, sweet, PINK inside, and amazing!  David picked up a bag and it didn’t take us long to get through it.  We do not EAT many oranges, normally we buy them for squeezing into fresh orange juice.  But these cara caras are ideal to cut into slices and enjoooooy.  They will put a smile on your face and a bit of summer in your heart.  They just taste GOOD! 

Aren't they pretty?
 Go to Trader Joe’s and get some before the season is over and they are gone.

Cara Cara Naval Oranges will make you smile - they do me!
Price - $3.49 per 3 lb. bag

Rating - 5

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