Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 64 - Eggs

We are a household of TWO humans.  We do not eat many eggs.  Hence, sometimes our eggs “egg-spire” before we get through them all (see what I did there??).

Enter Trader Joe’s eggs.  They have the expiration date stamped RIGHT ON THE EGG. 

“What???” I hear you say.  “Impossible!”

But no!  Think about it, if a brand (ok I will say it, Eggland’s Best) can stamp it’s NAME on each and every egg, why can’t someone stamp an EXPIRATION date on each egg???  Trader Joe’s has gone and done it, folks!

Check it out - DATES on each egg!  So cool.
And before you can raise your hand and ask, “Why, if I may ask, would one want eggs to have expiration dates stamped on them??  The date is on the carton – isn’t that good enough??”.  Oh no my naïve little friend, it is not.  J  And you obviously didn’t watch the same “60 Minutes” (or some other such “news expose” show) where they showed (gasp!) egg producers just plopping old expired eggs in new cartons…  Ewwww.

Oh, but my partner David saw that show, and though he will drink milk at least 5 days after it has technically expired, he remembers that documentary and insists on Trader Joe’s date stamped eggs. 

You can trust that these eggs are still good!
In my mind, eggs are eggs.  But it does make you feel like you are not getting egg-spired ones (I did it again!) when each fragile shell is dated.

Price – $1.99

Rating – 5 (if my man is happy, I am happy.  End of story.)


  1. Sad news... We went into our usual Trader Joe's a week ago and the EGGS WERE NOT DATE STAMPED. In fact, the Trader Joe's employee working near (not in) the dairy that we asked about it had no idea what we were asking for. She kept showing us the date on the CARTON. "Noooo - we mean the sweet little dates stamped right on each and every EGG! Why are THOSE not there anymore??" we pleaded. She basically looked at us like we had 3 heads a piece and said that would be dumb - the dates on the cartons are fine. Sigh. Let's hope it was just a glitch in the system and that the next eggs we buy are back to individual stamps. After all, THAT is what made Trader Joe's eggs special!

  2. Update - another trip to Trader Joe's a week later, still no adorable little date stamps. Color us so disappointed. David asked at the Customer Service desk and they, too, seemed unaware that they previously had such a special service - such a DIFFERENTIATOR - that they now lack. They said they recently switched providers for their eggs and that must be the reason. We may start buying our eggs at other stores where we can get a half dozen, cuz that is the second best thing to getting individually stamped eggs.

  3. Well it is me again with yet ANOTHER egg update! We looked at eggs again at the SAME TRADER JOE'S location on April 27th and were so pleased to find the DATES HAD RETURNED!!! Of course, we bought them! I took them to customer service to show them and explain how happy we were that they brought the little egg stamps back, and they were again totally confused at what the heck I was talking about, even when I showed them the eggs with stamps. We cannot be the ONLY PEOPLE who think this is a cool thing to have...

  4. I've bought eggs from the Asheville TJ's many times. They have never had expiration dates stamped on them. Must be a regional supplier thing.

  5. Yup - I think it is regional. I am so glad they do it around here, because it makes David very happy. :)