Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 61 - Milk Chocolate Crisps

We have purchased these sweets before but my partner ate all of them.  They just do not LOOK good to me – they are fancy chocolates in the shape of PRINGLES POTATO CHIPS.  Bleck.  Once on a long layover I bought a co-worker a potato chip covered in chocolate cuz it was the grossest thing I could find in the airport and I wanted to see his reaction (yes we were bored).  So, though I like sweet and salty combinations, the thought of chocolates in the shape of Pringles just has never excited me. (Even the NAME has “crisps” in the title, and CRISPS are British potato chips…)

But, since I am writing this blog, I committed to tasting these.  And you know what – they aren’t bad!  The box describes them as, “Thin, curved waves of Belgian chocolate with crunchy bits”.  The “crunchy bits” part made me nervous – were they carrying the Pringles theme into the taste as well as the shape and throwing in a bunch of crumbled up Pringles?  Nope.  Upon reading the ingredients I learned that the crunchy bits are puffed rice (why they don’t just tell the buyer that is beyond me).

The "crunchy bits" are puffed rice! 
Anyway, they are thin bits of milk chocolate laced with puffed rice!  Tasty!  I do not recommend eating them with warm fingers, melt alert.  But I do recommend eating some.  (However, the suggestion that a “serving size” is 12 pieces is a bit excessive if you ask me!)

*Note – ever since eating these and writing this review, I cannot find MILK Chocolate Crisps, only DARK Chocolate Crisps. 

Price – $2.49

Rating – 3.75 stars

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