Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tanzania Coffee (Small Lot)

I have reviewed a LOT of Trader Joe’s coffees on this blog.  That makes sense, because of the fact that I am forever searching for that “perfect” cup of java.  So when I saw this Tanzania Coffee in the pretty container on the end cap of NEW PRODUCTS at TJ’s, I picked up a bag.

Small Lot, big elephant
 (I mean, in the wild elephants are big, but the drawing of the elephant on this bag is actually quite small)
Yes, a BAG, which is unusual for Trader Joe’s coffees.  Most of them come in recyclable cans (not metal).  This coffee is also more expensive than other TJ’s varieties, most likely due to the “small lot”-ed-ness of it.  However, we didn’t notice until we got home that it is also LESS COFFEE than the TJ’s cans, which when you do the math makes it even MORE expensive.  The cans are 14 oz, and this bag is 12 oz. 

Hmmm, I wonder what that sign UNDER this sign says?
I am surprised the P.I. in me didn't push the top sign to the side to investigate.
Opening this bag, as another one that I reviewed here, is tricky.  One would think a bag would open on the TOP, but this opens on the FRONT.  This can be especially tough when the product you are trying to open is COFFEE, cuz, well, who can tackle a tricky thing like that before you have had your coffee, and, if you can’t get the bag open, you can’t have your coffee, so, ummm, well you get where I am coming from.  David opened it before I had to tackle it, so that made it very easy opening for me.  Thanks David!

The packaging tells us that this is “Dark roast, full bodied, with floral notes.  100% Arabica whole bean coffee”.  We ground the “hand-picked, exclusively selected for TJ’s beans” right before making the coffee and brewed it in what we call our “campfire” coffee maker (metal Italian maker that you use on the stove top).  The packaging has some pretty surprises if you peek on the sides (giraffe print) and the bottom (zebra!). 

This is a good coffee.  It has a bit more taste than some of the other TJ’s coffees.  It is not as “bland” as some of them are.  I like it. 

Coffee always smells good.
David says, “I like it also.  I don’t notice it all that much, which is good, because I expect coffee to be coffee.  This satisfies that completely.  Yeah.  I am happy.  I guess I give it a 4.”

I give this one a 4, too.  Not sure if it is a seasonal, special product or if Joe’s plans to keep it around (the sign says "Limited Edition" so if you are curious, you best get it now).

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Ahhh coffeeeeeee
Price:  $7.99

Rating:  4


  1. If you're looking for the perfect cup of java, you gotta start with an Aeropress. It gives you a great bean flavor, almost like a cold-brew but in just a minute. Makes a concentrate that's great for iced coffee, or add hot water to adjust the strength,

  2. OOOOHHHHH MYYYYY - another coffee gadget... I had never heard of an Aeropress until you commented! I looked it up - looks cool!! I just might have to get one of those puppies!