Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 149 - Organic Sumatra Coffee

In the ever elusive search for Trader Joe’s best coffee, we invested in yet another can.  This one we bought at the Orlando Trader Joe’s.  It is the 8th Trader Joe’s coffee we have tried this year (we usually each drink one cup of joe every morning).

Organic Sumatra Coffee on the shelf in Orlando
Gotta say, we still haven’t found it (“it” being the ideal, delicious, amazing cup of coffee).  The last one I reviewed (Ethiopian on Day 138) was the best so far with a 4.25 rating.

This one, Organic Sumatra, is boring.  It bills itself as having “smooth, earthy notes” but the “notes” aren’t strong enough to really be tasted I guess.  It is not that it is BAD, it is just that it is blah.  Not enough taste to get me jump started in the morning.  (Note on how I prepared this:  freshly ground the beans right before making coffee, heated water in a kettle, and used a French press.  See??  It SHOULD have been delicious! J )

Sure, it'll do, but it is not an amazing start to the day
We will keep trying!!  As soon as this can is gone I am sure another experiment awaits us.

Price – $7.99

Rating – 3.5

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