Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 139 - Honey Nut O's

First off, let’s get this out of the way – “O’s”???  Really?  “O’s”?  “O’s” WHAT?  Like, what do the “O” possess?  I guess if I read a bit on the box they do possess (i.e. are fortified with) six B vitamins including 50% DV Folic Acid…  But still Trader Joe’s, I think the apostrophe may be incorrect on this one.  What say you?

Grammer police - weigh in here...
But enough with the grammar policing, let’s review the PRODUCT.  I do not eat a whole lot of cereal, but David eats his fair share, so we grabbed these to bring to Florida with us.  He has been eating them and reported that they are, “Just like Cheerios basically”.  Today I gave them a shot.  I would agree – they are like CHEERIOS, and not Honey Nut Cheerios*.  I expected more honey flavor. 

Good value, taste like plain labeled Cheerios
So they are fine.  Nothing to write home about.  At $2.49 I am guessing they are way CHEAPER than name brand Cheerios, so if it is Cheerios taste you are after, grab yourself a box of these Honey Nut O’s (sic) ( J ).

And just like Cheerios, there are always a few left floating in your bowl at the end of breakfast
*I Googled Cheerios, thinking that MAYBE Trader Joe’s was parodying a General Mills grammar faux pas by making the “O” possessive.  Nope.  Cheerios are Cheerios, not Cheerio’s.  J

Price - $2.49

Rating - 3

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