Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 130 - Way More Chocolate Chips Cookies

We picked up this little tub (16 oz) of mini chocolate chip cookies to munch on during a 13 hour road trip (that turned into a 15 hour road trip, no fault of the cookies…).   We hadn’t had them before.

Little plastic tub of little cookies
From the product name, Way More Chocolate Chips Cookies, it is apparent that the main thrust of this particular sweet is number of chocolate chips per square millimeter (cuz they are tiny…) of cookie.  And the chocolate chips in the cookies taste good, I will give them that.

But let me just say, there is more to chocolate chip cookies than CHIPS.  There is also, as the name implies, the COOKIE to consider.  And it is the cookie where these little puppies fall short. 

I like chocolate chip cookies, but the cookie part has to be good.  Sadly, these cookies taste fake-y – sort of like Chips Ahoy.  The TEXTURE of them is much better than blecky ol’ Chips Ahoy – they are not hard and they do not crumble.  But there is no buttery goodness to be found here.  L
One cookie with an apple, so you can see how petite the cookies are.  Very cute.
So these get pretty high marks for the chips – chocolatey and tasty.  And the size is convenient – tiny little mouthfuls of dessert.  But the cookie brings the score way down.  Even David, who will pretty much eat any cookie you put in front of him, had to agree that the cookie part needs improving.

At our Trader Joe's these are in the frozen food section, on the cookie shelf above the frozen stuff
Price - $3.99

Rating – 3.25

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