Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 126 - Cocoa Dusted Truffles with Toffee Bits

Chocolate is not my favorite food group. It is not my “desert island” food choice (and not just for the obvious reason that CHOCOLATE and HOT BEATING sun do not mix well).  If I had to choose one desert island type of food, I would choose veggies.  Or wait, I might choose CHEESE.  But I really wouldn’t choose chocolate.

But.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Or, as Meg Ryan would say,

These Cocoa Dusted Truffles with Toffee Bits really had me from the get-go.  When I saw the packaging I was intrigued.  The box is BEAUTIFUL!  It is a gorgeously colored little tiny HAT BOX-like box!!   So delicate and nice!  It even has a real ribbon on top to pull the lid off with each time you want to reward yourself with a truffle!

Ours are still on an end cap because they are a new product - find them at your Trader Joe's!
But enough with the packaging, let’s get to the heart of the review, THE CHOCOLATE.

Oh man!!!!  This is living!  These little babies are 2 (or 3) bites of heaven.  The outside is dusted with cocoa.  The inside – oh boy – I am not sure I can even DESCRIBE the inside!  It is almost mousse-like, but just as you think “Oh, nice, mousse” you are pleasantly surprised by a tiny bit of toffee!!  But not like, grittily surprised, NICELY SURPRISED.  The toffee fits in perfectly and rounds the whole treat out.

Beautiful box, tasty chocolate
And to top the whole thing off, these are CHEAP, only $3.49!  They would be at least double the price anywhere else.  They are just as good if not better than anything you would get at a fancy chocolate shop.  They would be a wonderful gift!

I must say, there was some talk at the dinner party of these looking "turd like" on the dessert plates, but we HAD been drinking Trader Joe's wine all evening...
Since we got these for the Trader Joe’s dinner party, I feel I must take into consideration all of the guests’ ratings and comments.  But let it be known that if I were to give this product my own review it would be a 5.  (I am a bit afraid to peek at the other reviews because I know one guest was not as keen on these as I was…  Also, we served them LAST after a couple of other desserts and much food and wine.  So maybe other people were too stuffed to appreciate them!)  Anyway, here are the comments:

-          “Melt in the mouth nirvana.”  (I swear a guest wrote that, not me!)
-          “Beautiful box.  Delectable mousse like filling.” (This guest HAD a 5 rating, then crossed it out and nudged it down a bit L )
-          “Nice pillowy texture enlivened by sprinkles of toffee.”
-          “Excellent texture – fine balance between sweet and bitter.  More please.”
-          “Surprisingly light, when truffles can be so heavy.  Yet the toffee bits supply a highlight that give it the strong note that saves it from being just fluffy and light.”

Note:  one guest was on a pretty strict diet, and even SHE fawned over these treats!
Another note:  I am now using the box from this to store payment for a little neighbor girl I am hiring to water plants!  It’s perfect for that.

Price - $3.49
Rating (average of 6 guests’ ratings) – 4.75

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