Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 148 - Chariot Gypsy California Red Wine (2013)

Ahhh, another cheap red wine from Trader Joe’s!  This one is a mix of reds from Chariot Wines (who list their website on the label as, but that site has NOTHING on it but their logo and a big “SOLD EXCLUSIVELY BY TRADER JOE’S” message, which, if you click it, takes you to Trader Joe’s main site).  Yeah, so that site doesn’t really give us any more information on this wine…

Exclusive to Trader Joe's and only $4.99 - cheap, cheap, cheap
 We opened this bottle last night and had it with steak, Jasmine rice (review coming soon), corn on the cob, and kale sprouts (which got a coveted 5 star review on day 36 of this blog!).  This Chariot Gypsy was a nice fit with the meal.  It has a bit of a dark berry taste (cherry is what I get).  I WOULD think that is a particularly STRONG wine because I didn’t drink all that much before I started snoring on the sofa instead of watching “Survivor” as I had planned…  But I think that was more about my exhaustion than the alcohol content in this cheap wine.  J

The Spirit of Wine Review Blog gave it 3 stars (though that was an earlier vintage, 2011).  Other wine sites also seem to think it is fine for a cheap bottle of wine.  My partner David uses these adjectives to describe it, “Hearty.  Earthy.  A little candy-ish.  (He takes another sip.)  Nothing particular that sticks out.”

A bit of California (drunk in Florida)
All in all, this is a RED TABLE WINE.  It is fine to have with dinner.  I like gypsies, which is what drew me to it in the first place (you should hear about the gypsy circus we went to once on my birthday!  It was fabulous!).

Price - $4.99

Rating – 3.5

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