Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 138 - Ethiopian Coffee

I am STILL on the ever elusive hunt for the perfect whole bean coffee from Trader Joe’s.  This is the 5th coffee review on this blog (days 22, 47, 73, 119, and TODAY) – but one review was actually for 3 smaller cans that came as a trio but reviewed on one day, so I guess we have tried 7 TJ’s coffees this year.

This one is one of the better coffees we have found on the Trader Joe’s shelves.  It is rich and tasty but does not have the bitter quality that infected some of the others.  It is a medium dark roast and has all the politically correct bells and whistles – organic, fair trade, and they also throw in SHADE GROWN.  J  David’s adjectives for his cup are, “mild, gentle, and smooth”.

A bit pricier than some other cans you will find on the shelves, but tastes better
Normally we make coffee either in an automatic espresso maker.  Some days we make what I call “camper fire coffee” – you know, using an Italian metal coffee maker on the stove.  But when we are in Florida (where we are currently) we use a French Press, and I wonder if THAT is what is making this coffee taste better.  Well, THAT or the fact that I am making coffee like my friend Malonda (who never reads this blog so will miss this shout out to her) makes – strong French Press coffee with a big dollop of sweetened condensed milk in it, yummmm…. 

So I guess I fear I have given this particular can of Trader Joe’s coffee a leg up on the others that I reviewed because of HOW I am brewing the coffee (plus the fact that I am drinking it in a relaxed, sunny, warm dining room every morning instead of rushing around or in a “to go” cup while commuting). 

A warm, sunny, tasty way to start the day
Well, whether it is because of the actual TASTE of this coffee or because of the relaxed environment it is being drunk in, I guess I cannot know at the moment.  But what I do know is, it is good – dare I say better than the other 6 I have reviewed this year.  I will buy this can again.

Price – $9.99

Rating – 4.25

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