Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 217 - Columbia Supremo Coffee

Well, another can of Trader Joe’s coffee.  Some time I need to add up just how much we spent on different COFFEES for this blog.  We typically drink one cup of coffee each for breakfast and then call it a day.  Which, considering our recent influx of coffee making materials, is pretty hilarious.

We went to see a taping of “The Price is Right” in Los Angeles in January of this year.  Surprisingly, my sweetie David got CALLED ON DOWN!  Sadly, he almmmmmmmmmmmmmmmost won us a new teeny tiny adorable car.  But don’t be too sad, because he DID win something!  Yes siree – he won a whole list of things!
·         A coffee bean grinder
·         A coffee maker
·         An espresso maker
·         And AN ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD (complete with remote control and helmet!!)

David in his awesome Price is Right nametag

My sisters, David, and I showing a little Price is Right enthusiasm
Here is a photo taken the last week of July – David with his winnings.

Wow - that's a lot of Cuisinart...
What’s that you say?  Where is the electric skateboard (with remote control and helmet)???  Oh, that hasn’t come yet.  Hahaha.  But he HAS gotten the 2 coffee makers and coffee bean grinder!  (We have not taken them out of their boxes yet, but he has ‘em!)

So the reason it is funny is because we have no counter space to set up not one, but two, coffee makers.  Eventually we will move stuff around to accommodate something, probably the espresso maker.  But for now we have our old one on the counter.  :)  And around 80% of the time I use an Italian metal coffee maker that you put on the stove top to make coffee – that’s what I used to make today’s java. 

If you would like to see a video we made of David’s hilarious appearance on Price is Right (you can see the car he ALMOST won and also watch him hit $1.00 on the big wheel!!!) click here:

Back to the review - Columbia Supremo Coffee in our Trader Joe's cart
Now, back to the review of this particular coffee, NOT made in our new Espresso maker or ground in our new coffee bean grinder.

David – smooth, mild, and mellow.

Susan – fine.  Nothing super special.  No “wow” factor.  Not a coffee that makes me go, “What IS this coffee???  I MUST have it again”.  Rather, it might make me think, “Hmmm, ok, let me finish this cup of coffee then get about  my day”. 

2 mugs of steaming hot Columbia Supremo coffee
It bills itself as “Supremo” but I think that is over promising.  It should be called “Columbia Regularo”.  On the can it talks about the beans being roasted to a “medium level, offering a medium body…”.  It doesn’t mention MEDIUM TASTE, but it should. 

Medium roast, medium taste.
I am still on the hunt for the perfect Trader Joe’s coffee to use in the new coffee makers. 

Price – $6.99

Rating - 3


  1. take it back if you don't love it! And get whole beans to grind fresh each morning, that makes a huge difference.
    I like a darker roast and get the french roast or italian.

    1. :) We ONLY buy whole beans. I love to grind coffee! It smells SO GOOD. I didn't take this one back. It is not HORRIBLE it is just not GOOD. But trust me, I am a fan of TJ's no questions asked return policy and have used it (and publicized it to others!). They are great about returns.

  2. Try TJ's Morning Blend. I like it a lot. However, some mornings it definitely tastes better than others. Something to do with variable morning taste buds, methinks. :-)

    1. Isn't it STRANGE how coffee can taste different from morning to morning?? I will try the Morning Blend one.