Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 229 - Aprium

We are in a new city, which means visiting a NEW TRADER JOE’S!  Yippee!  We went to the TJ’s on West 86th Street in Indianapolis.  It is a pretty store!

Yah - Indianapolis Trader Joe's!!
The employees were all super nice.  One woman asked us right off the bat if we needed help finding anything.  Other employees were super helpful when we DID need help, especially the guy with the beard who knew a lot about beer (sorry, I wish I remembered his name!).  And Amy was our cashier.  Here is a photo of Amy and me.

Here's Amy and me showing a couple of our purchases!
Amy writes the local news for their Trader Joe’s newsletter!  So Amy and I are like sisters from a different mister – we both write about Trader Joe’s stuff a lot!  She was really knowledgeable and friendly.  It was cool to meet you Amy!

Now, on to the review.  We bought an APRIUM.  “A WHAT??” you say???  Well, I assume it is a cross between an apricot and a plum.  I am surprised the signage didn’t explain more about it.  There MUST be something fun you could do with a Frankenstein fruit like an aprium, no?  I am curious what other stores have on their aprium signs.

Don't they look pretty?  But I think more creative signage is needed.  :)
We liked this fruit.  It was much more PLUM than apricot.  It was firm without being hard – it had a lovely firm fleshy texture.  There was no mush factor, which was good.  It had a tiny bit of sourness (from the skin).  The flesh was sweet.  It was meaty and tasty.  It was not dry, but not so juicy that you got a sticky chin from juice trickling down as you ate it.  The stone was difficult to get out – you need to cut or chew that puppy out.

David chomping on an aprium
Here is an aprium cut open on a plate

All in all, the aprium is a nice fruit when you need something new.  If you are tired of regular plums, and a traditional apricot just won’t do, why not try their love child, an aprium?

Price - .59 cents each

Rating – 4.25

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