Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day 213 - Crispy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are another in the collection of perfectly sized little Trader Joe’s cookies.  They store them in an odd place – on shelves over the frozen food bins.  So you have to brave the cold of the frozen food aisle to get to them, but they are worth it.

Cookies and signage in Orlando, FL Trader Joe's in May

Cookies and signage in the Chicago (South Loop) Store in July.  See how the signs vary by location?
In house artists make them all!

To me, these cookies were not all that “oatmeal-y”, but David claims they were JUST OATMEAL-Y ENOUGH.  J  The chocolate chips are pretty delightful – little bits of luscious.  The cookies are just the right size if you ask me.  You can eat them in one bite if you like (my method) or bite them into smaller pieces (I just checked with David, who I knew didn’t eat them in one bite.  Guess what?  He says he gets FOUR BITES per cookie out of these Cabbage Patch sized treats!)

These are a yummy and simple snack or dessert.  Throw a few in your lunch bag, or sit and munch on some while you tune into “Ellen” in the afternoon.  They are, of course, not as good as if you made them homemade, but they are good.  They are head and shoulders above other store bought cookies (like those nasty Chips Ahoys).

David claims, “I think they are a perfect balance of substance and sweet taste.  I recommend them.  They are not crumbly, they are CRUNCHY but not CRUMBLY”.

This is a boy about to eat cookies.
Yup.  These are good.  And they travel well for long drives, too, presuming you have air conditioning in the car and don’t leave them in the hot sun.  Trader Joe’s packs them in a little plastic tub that seals up nice and tight.  Can you say, “ROAD TRIP!!!”? 

And I just did the math and I do believe these babies work out to only a nickel a cookie.  I told David who declared, “Wow!  You could eat 20 of ‘em for a dollar!  Nice!!”.  We are easy to entertain folks, easy to entertain.

Price – $3.99

Rating – 4.5


  1. Just finished reading most of the "days". I thought I was pretty up on all TJ things but found some things that I never knew existed. I live in the San Francisco bay area so not sure if my TJ will have them. Going tomorrow to check it out and I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of money!!! Thank you so much for doing this. I agree 100% on the things I have tried. Really enjoyable blog. ♥

    1. So glad you like the blog! Glad you see some things that are new to you. Fingers crossed your TJs will have them. Thanks for reading - share with your TJs loving friends :)

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