Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 215- British Crumpets

Crumpets, for those Americans who have not had them, are AMAZING.  They are a breakfast bread, like an English muffin, but so much better (in my opinion).  They are less hard, and somehow tastier.  The HOLES in them are the very best part!  All bread products should have holes!  Holes are perfect for filling with good butter (try Kerrygold, reviewed on day 49 of this blog).  Holes are good for filling with Sunflower Seed Butter (look at day 96 of this blog)!  Holes are good for filling with jelly or jam (if you like those things, I do not).  And holes are good for filling with Dulche de Leche (check out day 182 of this blog).

Here is what they look like in the package, before you start loading them up with stuff.....

Crumpets are a nice base to build on if you have time to make a real breakfast.  Try this configuration:
a.        Crumpet
b.      Butter
c.       Cheddar cheese
d.      Thinly sliced avocado
e.      Fried egg (with salt and pepper)
See??  Doesn’t that sound great? 

This isn't the recipe above, but doesn't it look great?  Crumpet, butter, cheese, garden tomato, egg, and a side of mustard.
Or how about:
a.        Crumpet
b.      Butter
c.       Wasabi Mayo (reviewed on day 187 of this blog)
d.      Pieces of a nice lettuce
e.      Fresh slices of garden tomato
See???  Another good combo!  It’s easy!

Here is one more:
a.        Crumpet
b.      Butter
c.       Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce (5 star review on day 132 of this blog)
d.      Thin slices of banana
e.      Pieces of sliced almonds

May I present - crumpet, butter, and Dulce de Leche!
 The package of Trader Joe’s crumpets holds 6 pieces and it is basically split into two groups of 3.  So you can open the package and only have 3 exposed to air and starting to go bad, the other 3 can stay sealed.  I like that packaging. 

TADA - just crumpet and butter.  See the big HOLES I was talking about???  They rock.
The worst part about Trader Joe’s Crumpets is that sometimes they are out of the original ones and all they have left are cinnamon flavored.  Maybe it is just me, but if I am going to have a bread for breakfast, I want it to be plain, then I will add whatever flavor I am in the mood for ON TOP of said bread, thank you very much!

Price – $2.99
Rating – 4.5

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