Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 223 - Hatch Valley Salsa

TWO THUMBS UP.  This salsa is delicious!!  It is not all that spicy but ohhhh so tasty.  We ate it with blue corn chips (read blue corn chip review here) after coming home from a late night rehearsal.  When I say late, I mean we were sitting on the couch watching “Catfish the TV Show” at 12:30 am chowing down on this salsa…  And we could.  Not.  Stop.  Eating it!

TWO BIG THUMBS UP (jar is larger than it appears here, weird camera angle)
I seriously think I could eat this stuff by the spoonfuls…  It has a good ZIP to it!  Is it vinegar making that zip??  I do not normally eat salsa from a jar – I like the fresh, chunky kind of salsa (review on day 25 of this blog).  But THIS jarred salsa is a y-e-s!  It reminds me of the green salsa at Moe’s (WELCOME TO MOE’S!) which is also crack-like. 

The serving size listed on the jar is laughable.  11 servings???  Give me a break.  I say FOUR servings max.  we ate more than half the jar last night!

This was like, the 4th or 5th time we filled the bowl up and as you can see, it is almost empty again...
It says it has “Fire Roasted Hot Green Chile Peppers from Hatch Valley”.  Well I do not know where hatch valley is, but it deserves to be visited!  (Wait – I turned the jar around and read the other side of the label – Hatch Valley is a village in New Mexico.  And guess what?  It is NOT vinegar that gives it that zip, it is LIME JUICE!  Lime juice and tomatillos.  Yum!

Here is what David thought – FABULOUS!   You just keep eating more and more.  It is mild, but “more-ish”.  It helps you get your daily does of corn chips, which is one of the 5 major food groups (along with coffee, cookies, Pepsi, and Cheetos).  I give it a 4.5

All of this deliciousness for under 3 bucks.  Get a jar.
Yummy yummy yummy

Susan here again.  This salsa is exclusive to Trader Joe’s.  I say it is worth a trip to a TJ’s to pick some up, even if you live in LaJolla and have to park in that crazy ass parking lot!  TRY THIS!

I give this product a 5.  Not a ton of things earn a coveted 5 star rating from me.  David rated it a bit lower, but this is not his blog.  And I am throwing his number o-u-t!  This deserves a 5 and dang it, it is getting a 5!

Price – $2.79

Rating - 5


  1. You better stock up, i think this is "seasonal" and will be off the shelves for a long while
    (Hatch chilies are a specialty from new mexico fyi)

    1. HOLY SMOKES I AM GLAD YOU TOLD ME IT IS SEASONAL!! I did NOT know that and I WILL stock up! I just got to Indianapolis today and we'll get to visit their TJs this weekend! Another new TJs for me to check out.

  2. It would love, love, love it, if is wasn't so watery. Still good, though, will buy some more.

    1. I so feared it was seasonal and would disappear, but so far my TJ's always seems to carry it.
      Oh my, I hope I didn't just jinx that...

  3. Where can I order this salsa? I bought some on a trip to Santa Fe (2) and it's already gone. I went to amazon but they want $13 with shipping for a jar. It's good but not that good.
    and no, we don't have a Trader Joe's in Wichita, Kansas. We only have over 640,000 people so I guess we are not large enough for Prince Joey.

    1. $13 a JAR??? That is unfair :).
      I do not work for TJ's, I am just a fan and shop there a ton. But I will get you some and mail it! Go to Facebook and like the Trader Joe's 365 page. Then send me a private message thru that, ok? I can hook you up for just the cost of the salsa plus shipping, I promise. :) It is one of my favorites and I want you to be able to have some!