Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 328 - Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan Coffee

This coffee is extra dark roast and the label says it is “full bodied with cocoa and brown sugar notes.  100% Arabica whole bean coffee”. 
It has a really pretty label, don't you think?
It is nice.  We mostly drank it as espresso.  It is strong enough to taste like COFFEE.  That might sound like an odd statement, but we have tried quite a few Trader Joe’s coffees for this project this year and some of them were weak and not very “coffee”ish no matter how I brewed them.  This one has a better coffee taste – you notice it when you drink it.

David’s adjectives to describe this one were:
·         Smooth
·         Bold
·         Rich

(And after he said those out loud, of course , we followed it up with a “Just like you like your women!” remark.)

Look!  The espresso maker he won on Price is Right (no lie!) makes 2 little cups of espresso at once.  Adorable.
He says he has no complaints about this one!  He did acknowledge that he was drinking this one under ideal conditions – very hot in a beautiful espresso cup – and that may have boosted the rating a tiny bit.  J

Ahhhh, a nice cup of coffee is a thing to delight in
We agree that this is one of the better TJ’s coffees.    I have tried to pick a different TJ’s coffee each time we ran out this year so that we would try a bunch of them (so far I think we have tried at least 12 varieties).  Sometimes it if hard to remember which ones we have tried already so I have to bust out my smart phone while at the store and look at this blog to see which ones I have reviewed!

Not a bad price for a good coffee (oops - bit of a spell-o on this sign though)
This is one we will be buying again.

Price – $7.99

Rating – 4.5

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