Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 315 - Tofu Edamame Nuggets

Before disclosing my opinion of these Tofu Edamame Nuggets, I asked David for his opinion.  Here is what he said:  “Nice.  Umm, not terribly tasty, but pleasantly “substantial”.  With a nice sauce they are quite, umm, delicious.”

Then I told him how I FELT about them:  These are boring.  They are stupid.  They are a vegetarian excuse for chicken nuggets.    Why it has to be a “nugget” is beyond me.  Smooshed up tofu squished into the shape of a “nugget”.  I guess when you think about it, why the hell are CHICKEN NUGGETS in that shape they anyway?  They are just mushed up chicken. 

Here is what the bag looks like.  They are sold in the frozen food section.
Anyway, these things need WAY MORE edamame.  There is almost no edamame in them.  It looks like there is some carrot it them but it is tasteless.  The only thing that TASTES is the sauce that David made to dip these in.  The sauce is definitely the best part of this dish – it beats the nuggets hands down.  Really the only good things about the nuggets are that they are WARM and that they HOLD SAUCE.  If they had about four times as much edamame in them as they do, I think they would be better.  All you have to do is heat them in the oven so they are really easy to make.  But they are not worthy of being an appetizer at your dinner party, let alone your main course.

I guess if you are a vegetarian (maybe these are vegan?) – if they are, they are all YOURS, go for it!  They don’t taste BAD, they just barely TASTE.  I do not think they are worth the money or the wasted dinner.  (I do not count calories but I reckon if I did I would also say they are not worth the calories.)  If you are going to eat dinner you might as well have something that TASTES (and tastes better while you are at it).

Even this cheap I still say they are not worth the money.
After hearing my rant David said, “Fair enough.  More vegetables would be an improvement.  And a little chicken or pork would make it even better!”.  Hahahaha!  Ok, I think adding meat would sort of ruin the whole “vegetarian thing” they have going for them.  We like vegetarian food and eat quite a bit of it, but these are a fail.

I mean, honestly, these things need to come with a SAUCE.  David made sauce for ours and without that I would REALLLLLY have complained about these things! 

See the SHAPE?  Why must the world be nugget-ized???  This is actually a sad looking photo.  It looks like all we had
 to eat were these lame, dry things...  This was a late night snack and I think was accompanied by a salad.
I give them a 2.5 rating.  And after hearing my rant David was swayed and agreed that these are not worthy of a better score.  Skip these and use your money for something else at Trader Joe’s.

Price – $2.99

Rating – 2.5  


  1. These are a FAVE at my house!! I cook them really crispy and the cut them up and serve them over rice or stir fry with TJ sweet chili sauce. YUM!

    1. I am glad you commented!! See people, everyone likes different things. Try cooking these the way Outside the Box does and see if you like them. :)

  2. I always just walked by those figuring they were a "kid" food! Bland seems to be a plus for the 4yrs and under crowd.... ;) i love edamame but have never been a nugget fan
    Did you ever try the "chicken-less" mandarin orange frozen dinner?? It's totally not health food, but over rice it kicks chinese take out butt. Saucy, flavorful, and obvs cheap

  3. I'm with "Outside The Box"; the only thing wrong the Edamame Nuggets are the cooking directions. They need to be baked TWICE as long as the box says, making the outside crispy, but keeping the inside moist. Dipped in TJ's Sriracha Barbecue Sauce, I have no problem making a meal of these. In fact, my wife goes by TJ's on her way home from work and I just called and asked if she'd stop and bring me a bag!!

    1. Werribee why the directions for cooking are wonky? I'm glad you like them. I think they are quite a good seller for TJs! :)

  4. These are also a favorite in my house and being a vegetarian I find them really full of taste and the perfect texture. My non-vegetarian kids love them too and request them. Sadly, I went yesterday to replenish the stock I keep in my freezer and found out they have been discontinued. I hope it was not by the opinion of people who are comparing them to chicken nuggets. :(

    1. OH MY... The "guilt ridden" part of me is now panicking that these were discontinued... But the RATIONALE part of me is thinking, "Susan, YOU are not responsible! Your little review was not powerful enough to sway a mega-corporation one way or another. Trader Joe's corporate likely hasn't even SEEN your review!!". :)

      Either way, I am SORRY for your loss. Seriously, it is always a major bummer when you go to TJ's and one of your GO TO items has been erased. I helped a woman hunt for ten minutes one evening for Aebleskivers - only to learn they were axed. :(

    2. Yea, your little blog and quickly thrown together review did nothing. They're not discontinued, just temporarily set aside--this happened a couple of years ago. As TJ's often does, they're just rotating things around.

    3. Glad to hear they are back! I am sure lots of people are stocking up on them now.