Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 311 - Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche

Honestly, I thought I reviewed this little quiche way back in the beginning of this project, under day 60 for sure.  We used to always keep one of these in our freezer for a quick meal.  Between you and me, our TJ’s shopping has had to change some this year because of these reviews.  We need to eat new and different products all the time now to have items to review, so some of our old standbys have gotten a wee bit ignored, like this quiche.  But when I looked back in the blog and realized I had MISSED reviewing this, I needed to rectify that stat!  I cannot let the whole year go by and the project finish without helping you find this little quiche if you do not already know about it.

Find this box in the frozen food department.  It is a tiny box, like the size of a personal pizza
These quiche are great to have on hand for nights that you are not in the mood to cook, or days when you work from home and want a nice, hearty lunch.  The packaging (or was it the receipt?) says this is a “breakfast quiche”, which makes no sense to me.  Who decided that quiche was a BREAKFAST FOOD?  It is a lunch quiche.  A dinner quiche.  A midnight snack quiche.  I say quiche is an all day food

We ate this one for LUPPER – a 4 PM late lunch/early dinner – while sitting out on our front porch on a sunny day.  I recommend this setting for a tasty meal J.  

If you eat lunch on our porch you can see stuff like THIS!  A mamma dove with two babies in their nest in our Dogwood tree!
I usually bake these quiche in the oven, but this time I tried the microwave method. The packaging says this is one serving, but we always cut one in half and share it.  On this particular day I served it with cous cous and peas which made for a delightful combination.  We always plop some TJ's Dijon mustard (which I also thought I had reviewed but maybe I haven't, am I losing it???) on our plate for dipping the quiche in (it’s a French thing…) and this time I also did some dipping in Hatch Valley Salsa.  David was starving and wanted a bit more sustenance, so he also added a piece of HAM to the plate. 

I have an announcement that simply must be made here:  REAL MEN DO EAT QUICHE.

This is a good product.  It is super easy and quick to make.  It is cheesy but not too cheesy.  The crust is good.  The inside filling (broccoli, cheese, and egg) is tasty and filling.  The side of Dijon mustard really makes everything pop.

After tasting this quiche cooked by both methods – oven and microwave – we think the oven is the way to go.  The crust turns out better using the old fashioned oven method. 

This is a good staple to keep in the freezer.

Price - $2.29
Rating – 4.25

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