Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 317 - Nourish Spa Shampoo

I tried to go into testing this product with an open mind, but I must admit, I sort of expected to not like it.  My experiences with Trader Joe’s toiletry items have been, welllll, let’s just say “hit or miss” (does anyone remember Head to Toe Moisturizing Balm way back on day 89???? ( tragic review here ).  But a friend told she really likes this Nourish Spa Shampoo, and I ran out of my other shampoo, so I thought, “What the heck??!!” and picked up a bottle.

What the heck!  Why not try it??  It is day 317 of 365, it is basically now or never!
There are a few of things I need to point out before I review the shampoo:

1.       The friend who recommended it to me has very different hair than I do.  She is African American.  I don’t know much about hair other than what is on my head, but I DO know that many stores have separate hair product shelves for Caucasian hair and African American hair…  So when she recommended this for me, part of me thought, “Joi are you NUTS?” and the other part of me thought, “Joi, this could be hilarious!” but no part of me really thought, “Oh great!  A shampoo that works perfectly for JOI will also work perfectly for ME!”…

This is ME.  
This is JOI.  She loves pageants. 

2.       I am NOT picky about my shampoo.  My last bottle took me an eternity to get through cuz I got a great deal on what seemed like the world’s biggest bottle of shampoo at BJ’s (which is like Sam’s Club or Costco).  It was some Herbal Essence crap.  I am also not above using the tiny hotel shampoos when I travel.  Don’t judge. 

3.       I have horrible hair.  It is the thinnest, most fine hair you can imagine (and no, in this use I do NOT mean “fine” as in, “Oh I hope Joe wins Survivor this season – he is so fiiiine…” I mean “fine” as in “Wow, you can’t even get a barrette or bobby pin to stay in your hair without slipping out because it is so F-I-N-E…” fine.  I have always had this crappy hair.  Look, even when I was a KID I had bad hair.  Oh sure, my Toni Tenille hairdo was amazing, and my pig tails that each contained about 5 hairs really rocked, but still…  Again, don’t judge.

Age 6, with the Santa I played with every Chrsitmas.  I thought my hair looked soooooo pretty in curled pig tails.  

Rockin' my Toni Tennille 'do and stylish high waisted pants by my friend Monica's
flocked Christmas tree that I coveted every year
4.       My stylist recently moved.  And I do not mean “moved to another salon” I mean MOVED FROM ONE COAST TO THE OTHER.  Rhiannon abandoned me.  And my hair looks horrible right now!  It is so shaggy.  And it is all her fault!  I neeeeed her.  What’s a girl to do??  Sigh.  Anyway, I mention her here because I want you to see how gorgeous HER hair is.  She has, in my opinion, perfect hair.  It doesn’t even matter what color she makes it – it is always amazing.  Plus, she is nice.  Damn you Rhi, why did you have to MOVE?
Isn't her hair AMAZING?  And, like, the opposite of mine. Sigh


5.       I once shaved off my hair.  My mom had colon cancer and was going through chemo that made her hair fall out.  So 3 of us in the family shaved our hair in solidarity.  And you know what?  I had no idea how liberating that experience would be.  I loved it.  If you have ever considered it and not done it, go for it.  Trust me on this one – it is sorta life changing.

David and I after shaving - Kansas City
6.       And finally, my last “hair point” before I review this shampoo, I really like short hair.  Once a niece or nephew (I can’t remember who) asked very genuinely, “Aunt Susan, why do you have hair like a BOY?”.  The question didn’t hurt my feelings or offend me.  I loved that it was a teaching moment.  I DO NOT HAVE HAIR LIKE A BOY.  Because there isn’t “boy hair” and “girl hair”, just like there aren’t “boy toys” and “girl toys” or “male jobs” and “female jobs”.  There is HAIR (and no hair!).  I have hair.  I was glad to be able to model that to that child.

Ok enough hair talk – onto Trader Joe’s NOURISH SPA SHAMPOO.

Look, it's cheap!
Guess what?  I LIKE IT!!!  It really makes my hair feel clean and shiny.  It is not overly scented, though it does have a slight scent that I cannot figure out what it is.  (Note – David, who normally doesn’t even notice smells, noticed the scent of this when he tried it and he didn’t like it.  But his opinion will not be counted in this review J ).

Simple bottle, good shampoo (NOTE - I think the packaging may have changed a bit recently but it is till the same shampoo)
The bottle says “balanced moisturizing, safe for color treated hair, contains argan oil to smooth and shine, and enriched with botanticals”.  It does not contain laurel/laureth sulfates.  The conditioner I am currently using also has argan oil, and the combination of the two is making my hair super shiny these days!

TJ's Nourish Spa Shampoo in action!  It doesn't bubble up all that much, but it makes my hair feel clean!
This shampoo is not tested on animals, which is cool.  And it is super cheap, especially when compared to salon brands (sorry Rhi!).  I often buy styling products at the salon but usually pick up shampoo other places.

Overall, this is a GOOD SHAMPOO.  It cleans, doesn’t dry my hair, makes it shiny, and is cheap!  OH YAH! 

Now, I have asked my friend Joi who recommended this product to me to do a guest review, and here is what she said:

“When I decided to go with my natural hair in the spring of 2012, I opted to use only non-alcohol based products.  Searching for these gave me a slew of options with brands that would break my wallet.  Some products I tried left my hair either dry, feeling unclean or a frizzy mess.  My biggest concerns were finding a product that was a reasonable price, sulfate free, and left my hair clean and moisturized.  While in Trader Joe’s one day I decided to try their Nourish Spa Shampoo and holy moly, it was love at first lather.  Their shampoo gets nice and sudsy, cleanly rinses from my hair and leaves it soft and tangle-free with a fresh sweet scent.  The best part thought, is the price is a whopping $2.99 a bottle, which makes the 30 minute commute to my closest Trader Joe’s worth the gas.  I usually stock up on several bottles a trip that last me 6 – 8 months.  Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Balancing Moisturizing Shampoo is 5 out of 5 in my book.”

Well what do you know - it really IS a good shampoo for all hair types!  We both really like it.  I suspect you will like it, too, and it won't empty out your wallet.  It sure is easy to do the math and average our two scores together - we both gave this product a 5!

Price – $2.99
Rating - 5


  1. Oh, sure--David's opinion "will not be counted"--because he has BOY HAIR!


    1. Hahaha! Well, as you know, David's opinion is normally HIGHLY VALUED in my reviews, but this one time I am discounting his... :)

  2. You've just sold me a bottle. I am going to give it a try when I need to by shampoo again.

    1. I meant to say when I need to buy shampoo, not when I'm standing by shampoo.

    2. :) I figured it was BUY and not BY. :) Let me know what you think of it. It's a great bargain!!

    3. I have wanted to reply to this for weeks. I always think of replying when I am in the bath or sleeping in the middle of the night, but never when I am online. So far, this shampoo has been great for me. I usually have to buy a dandruff shampoo where I have my hair cut. I have tried numerous organic dandruff shampoos from Whole Foods because I try not to buy anything tested on animals unless I really have to do so. I have never been able to use anything for more than a few weeks without dandruff returning to my hair, so I have had to continue buying the salon dandruff shampoo that is tested on animals. I have been using this for several weeks now and have no dandruff yet, so hope I can continue to use it for years to come. It is a LOT cheaper than the salon shampoo, smells a LOT better, and isn't tested on poor bunnies. A great buy!

    4. I am so glad that you remembered to reply when you weren't in the shower and it wasn't the middle of the night! That is great news. We buy dandruff shampoo for David, and I think now I will have him try this shampoo. I really like it for my hair so I think when his dandruff shampoo is gone I will recommend he use this one. He has used it a couple of times but not on an ongoing basis. You give me hope that it will work. Thanks.

  3. I am absolutely going to give it a try!!!

    1. Terrific! I don't think you will be disappointed.