Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 206 - Butter Croissants

As mentioned in an earlier review on this blog, we have never found the “perfect bread” for us at TJ’s.  By that I mean bread as in LOAF of bread.  We do have a couple of bread products that we like – mostly the plain crumpets (which I THOUGHT I had reviewed earlier in the year but I just checked and they have not been reviewed – shame on me!).

Recently we made our RETURN TO TRADER JOE’S after being away a long time in a non-TJ’s city.   One of the new (to us) items we picked up was this package of butter croissants.   

Look at the letter "C" in "croissants" - "c" what they did there?

I cut one in half this morning and had it for breakfast.  One half number one I slathered Dulce de Leche (which got a glowing review on day 182, the half way point of the year for this blog).  On half number two I put butter, which sadly was hard from being in the fridge as opposed to soft and spread-y because I forgot to take it out of the fridge when we got back to town.  My bad. 

Dang it, I forgot to let the butter warm up overnight...  But I DO get to each a fresh peach from our tree!  HAPPY SUMMER!
Half number one was decidedly tastier than half number two.  I attribute this to the yum factor of the Dulce de Leche.  The main issue I had with the croissant was the lack of flakiness.  It tasted more BREAD and less CROISSANT.  Does that make sense?  It didn’t taste bad, per se, but the texture was not croissant-y enough for me.

David also had a croissant for breakfast (there are three in a package).  He cut his in half and toasted it in the oven and reported that his, though not FLAKY, was apparently MORE flaky than mine.  He used butter and jam on his and said it was a tasty breakfast.

Overall, I prefer a more flaky croissant.  I guess I like my croissants like I like my men, nice and flaky J.  I think because these are not freshly baked it is difficult for TJ’s to get the flake factor just right.  At .90 cents per croissant they are a fine price, but I would prefer to pay a little bit more and get a fresher one somewhere else.

Look - the sign specifically says "Rich and FLAKY!" - hmmmm...  
Price – $2.69

Rating – 3.25


  1. If you haven't yet, try the frozen ones that proof overnight before baking - pricier, but top notch. I've only had the chocolate filled ones but the almond are reportedly great as well.

    I'm enjoying catching up on your reviews - nice job.

    1. I HAVE tried the overnight proofing ones and I agree - they are good! One problem with them is that I love to sleep in on days I do not have to work... And those are typically the times I also want to have a nice breakfast. So, I put them out to proof the night before my day off work, then I sleep in. This means they proof for much longer than the instructions say they should. I wonder if that skews the results and they do not turn out as good as they would if I were an early riser... Given my love of the snooze button I may never know the answer to that question.