Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 190 - Punjab Choley

This is the second Indian Fare dish to be reviewed in this blog (the first was Punjab Eggplant on day 151).  Truth be told, we always have some of these Indian Fare boxes in our cupboard.  They are very quick, very easy to make, and tasty.  But I can NEVER remember which of them we like best.  So I hope these reviews help me keep them straight!
Here is the RED BOX, Punjab Choley
This one is made of chickpeas, tomatoes, onion, ginger, and a “spicy aromatic sauce”.  Normally we just plop it over rice, but tonight I am “fancy-ing” it up by topping it with raw chopped red onion and green pepper.  Maybe I am feeling the need for fancy because we are eating this on the 4th of July.  Yup – nuttin says HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA like a good Indian dish!

See how I fancied it up???  Under all of that is rice.
Ok, so after I wrote that intro, dinner was ready and we ATE IT.  I can now clearly say – PUNJAB CHOLEY IS NOT OUR FAVORITE INDIAN FARE.  So for my future reference, not the red box, Susan!  I thought this was the one we didn’t buy often, but I thought it was out of respect for David’s “not love” of chick peas (though he adores hummus…).  But no, I think this is not our normal Indian Fare dish because it just isn’t all that great.  For starters, it is TOO SPICY.  And I do not say that often – in fact I don’t think I have said it one single time throughout this already more than half over review project.  I came to the dinner table with TABASCO last night in case this was not “hot enough”, but no hot sauce was needed.  It might have been because I put those red onions on top, but I really think the dish itself was super spicy.  I tried some bites without onion bits and they were still hot, hot, hot. 

But other than the taste of HOT, all you really get is CHICK PEA. 

We served it over basmati rice (to be reviewed tomorrow) and had a side of asparagus.  The box mentions naan or pita, but to tell you the truth it just wasn’t saucy enough for even the basmati.

This meal is cheap and fast to prepare, but not all that good to eat.  And isn’t EATING what a meal is all about? 

Price – $1.99
Rating – 2.75


  1. Thanks for the review. This one is one of my favorite Indian Fare items. I LOVE the heat. We serve it up with naan & a greek yogurt/dill sauce. My least favorite is the Jaipur Vegetables.

    1. The Greek yogurt/dill sauce would be a good balancer for this one. Good call!