Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 203 - Giant Peruvian Inca Corn

In our house we have a word for when something is not interesting.  It is not bad, per se, but it is not good.  The word is BOF.

And after eating these Giant Peruvian Inca Corns, I say BOF.

They are corn nuts on steroids if you ask me.  Crunchy but a bit “empty” – just a shell of a crunch.  They are NOT good to snack on while you watch tv, I will say that.  The crunch is so darn noisy in your head that you cannot hear the television. 

The bag talks about how they are from Peru and there are llamas involved – yada yada yada.  I say – these are big ass corn nuts, nothing more.  Less salt than corn nuts, too.
Here is what they look like in a small glass bowl.  See - nothing special.
If you want a really yummy treat that is reminiscent of corn nuts but actually tastes amazing, get Trader Joe’s Partially Popped Popcorn (Day 74).  Now that is good!  It is worth the loud crunching!  These, not so much…

Here is one with a penny so you can see the size.
David is sick with a bad cold.  He just tried these too, and I asked him what he thinks.  He said his opinion may not be objective right now, what with being sick and all, but here is what he thinks: 
·         These are big corn nuts.
·         Nice.
·         Crunchy.
·         Kind of like natural fried/crunchy Cheetos (not the puffy kind), but without the cheese.
·         Roasted corn taste and salty.
·         Nice. (He said that twice. See, he is sick.)
·         I am not sure I can taste the Peruvian provenance, but good corn.
·         I would give it a 3.5

No thank you.  I will keep my $1.79.
So David gives them a 3.5, but I think his illness is confusing him.  I give them a 2.5.  I think instead of averaging the two scores exactly, mine should count a biiiit more (I mean this is my blog after all, and achoo, he just sneezed again so can he be trusted??).   So the final rating is higher than I would have given, but lower than a mathematical average.  Fair?

Price – $1.79
Rating – 2.75

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