Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 199 - Dark Chocolate Almonds

I have wracked my brain.  The only, and I mean ONLY, thing I can think of that I dislike about these Dark Chocolate Almonds is that I didn’t discover them sooner.  Why I have not been eating these amazing things for the last decade is beyond me.

Go. Quickly.  Don’t even read the rest of this review.  GO TO TRADER JOE’S NOW and get these!

FIND THESE - probably in the freezer section on the un-cooled shelves above the frozen stuff.  Buy them.  Eat them.

What are you doing still reading????

Ok, if you are going to sit here and read it I will finish the review.

This is a little plastic tub of awesome.  It is filled with roasted almonds.  Covered in dark chocolate.  That are then sprinkled in turbinado sugar (whatever that is, I approve).  But wait, that is not all.  No, I saved the best part for last.  They are also sprinkled with sea salt.  The sea salt is the FIRST thing you taste, and it is the LAST thing you taste.  And in between it is not salty at all!  It is wonderful!!!! 

The almonds are crunchy and nutty.  The dark chocolate is sinful and probably should have a separate sales tax associated with it.  And the sugar and sea salt are to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!  In fact, if I wasn’t getting cremated I might just ask my family to toss a couple of these puppies into my coffin when I go (but with cremation, I am thinking of the whole chocolate-melty-messy-mess…). 

Here they are in a little bowl.  See the sugar and salt bits?
We had these for dessert after dinner.  I believe they would pair amazing with a good red wine.  They would also be fun with a piping hot espresso.  In fact, they are damn good just on their own with  nuttin’ to drink, as witnessed by my afternoon snack today. 

The label says the serving size is 13 pieces.  I can see where that might happen, but it seems a bit extreme to me.  They are pretty rich.  I am not going to mention the fat content or calories because with something this delicious, that stuff doesn’t even matter.  Just EAT, EAT, EAT!!!

Oh sure, TJ’s has other varieties of chocolate covered almonds.  They have a little bag of them that only costs .99 cents.  But these are the ones, baby.  Get this little container of them!  Skip the bag.  (I will buy another little bag and review the other ones at some point, but not until I have eaten enough of these super good ones to make myself ill.)

I am a fan.  I endorse these with 2 strong thumbs up.  Give them as gifts.  Serve them at parties.  But most importantly, indulge in them yourself.  You deserve it.

Here is a link to an old article from the TJ’s site about this product:
Price – $4.79 (as you will see in the article above, in 2012 they were $3.99.  Trust me, they should be charging like, $10 for these things, but shhhhhhhhh, don’t tell corporate…) (Oh, also, for you unfortunate people without a TJ’s near you, I see there is a black market for them on Amazon and you can get some for like $12 (including shipping) here: )

Rating - 5


  1. Just found this blog today so I got to read all 200 entries at once. Fun! and I have a big list of things to try-many things I have never noticed. Thanks for taking the time and I look forward to the rest of the list.

  2. Hey - glad you like the blog! I have a good time working on it. Tell your friends who like TJ's to check it out. How did you happen upon it?
    HAPPY SHOPPING (and cooking)!
    - Susan

  3. Susan-I will spread the word. I went to TJ today and no partially popped popcorn! So mean! Luckily I live in San Francisco so we have many stores-the one closest is pretty small. I found your blog in google search for opinions on the pot pie ravioli and this was #5 on the search results: Trader Joe's 365: Day 160 - Chicken Pot Pie Ravioli.

    1. That is torture that they had no Partially Popped Popcorn. :) If you drink beer, have a cold one ready when you open the bag. Ahhhhh.