Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 196 - Golden Plum

This golden plum was purchased at a visit to TRADER JOE’S in Chicago!  Specifically, the SOUTH LOOP Trader Joe’s!  

David and the lovely GOLDEN PLUM
We were in Chicago this month for my partner David to participate in the Physical Festival, so of course while we were there we tried out a new TJ’s!  It was a really nice store.  Bright, open, with friendly staff.  We TRIED to buy 2 local beers, but the cashier told us we had to get either 4 or 6 L.  She was super sweet about it – I mean, it obviously is not HER rule.  She even walked us over to the beer section to see if there were any more we wanted to try.  But we were only there for a couple of days and so we decided to forego the local beer but got other stuff.

South Loop Chicago TRADER JOE'S!
Once such thing we got was a golden plum.  And we had a GUEST REVIEWER review it with us – David’s brother Ted!  We sat outside at a little café for brunch and ate this plum as our appetizer.  

David and his brother Ted.  They have not lived near one another for a long time so don't see each other very often.

Here is what we thought:

o   Sticks quite a bit to the pit (I know this because I am the one who cut it into pieces to share)
o   Tart
o   Pretty color – like a sunny day
o   Fruity
o   Yummy
o   Rating - 4

o   Flavorful
o   Tart, but you want that in a plum really
o   The skin has it’s own little tartness to it, which I like
o   Satisfying
o   Ample
o   Delicious
o   Rating - 4.75

Ted (guest reviewer):
o   Tart
o   It doesn’t smush in the hand when it is cut
o   How do you rate a FRUIT?
o   Rating – 4

After tasting it, we had a lively debate over what one could PAIR this plum with.  I went with BLUE CHEESE, which then led to a discussion on how blue cheese goes with everything.  Other ideas were pears, cherries, strawberries, Manchego cheese…  Ted, a tech guy, then GOOGLED what to pair this plum with and ended up on a site of “stone fruit pairings”, which recommended washed rind cheeses.

Price per PIECE, not by the pound.  Makes checking out faster!
I will give the final review by averaging all 3 reviewers’ ratings.  I will also add that, like with other produce, I like the fact that TJ’s priced these plums per piece and not by the pound. 

Price – .59 cents each

Rating – 4.25 (average of all 3 ratings)

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