Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 193 - Triple Ginger Snap Cookies

I cannot believe I forgot to review these earlier in the year. 


I think that is a pretty clear, concise review, don’t you??  But let me say a bit more, in case you were put off by my foul language or do not believe me.

See how HAPPY David was to get these???
The first time we tried these they were sampling them at our local Trader Joe’s.  I remember it was cold weather, and I think it was way back in February or March.  Anyway, it was an ODD sample…  They used a Triple Ginger Snap Cookie as a base, then smeared goat cheese rolled in blueberries on it!!!  Doesn’t that sound disgusting?  It did to me.  CHEESE on a COOKIE sounded bleck, and BLUEBERRIES on CHEESE didn’t sound too hot, either.  So the whole package sounded gag worthy to me.  But I was brave and tried it.

And boy was it GOOD.  It was not barfy AT ALL!  The cheese had a tang to it, the blueberries brought the sweetness, and the ginger snap, well that little ginger snap brought a whole lotta yum.  That was the day we bought our first tub of these little cookies, and we have been eatin’ ‘em ever since.

Look!  This is one of TJ's BEST SELLING COOKIES EVER - and I can understand why.
The other day we were in a TJ’s in Nebraska and I heard a young couple walking around holding hands say, “There are the ginger snaps”.  Like, I was an aisle distance away and I still HEARD them say that and tuned into it.  I of course made plans to cross paths with them, and noticed they didn’t have said ginger snaps in their arms.  I said something  like, “Did I hear you mention GINGER SNAPS?” .  “Ummm, uhhh,  yes, I guess so…” stuttered the baffled young lovers.  “Well, if you have not tried them, YOU SHOULD.  They are amazing and delicious and you need them,” I advised as I continued my shopping.  J

See what a nice size the Triple Ginger Snaps are?  (And isn't David's mug adorable?)

The best part of these cookies (IMHO) are the pieces of ACTUAL REAL LIFE HONEST TO GOODNESS GINGER that you find in them.  I have never had ginger snaps that had that before!  It is not just ground ginger, it is little buried treasure bits of REAL GINGER.  You have to taste it to believe it.

We served them the other night to guests (who appropriately have the last name Guest) and here is what they had to say about them:

-          4 – “It tastes extremely good but a little stail (sic) and hard.”  - Andrew
-          4.8 – “Just strong enough but could be stronger.  Not too hard.  Softish.” - Lucas
-          5 – “Love, love, love, love, love it!!!!!” - Bella
-          4.8 – “Great sized cookies.  A perfect mix between soft and hard.  Great crunchiness.” - Beth
-          4.8 – “Not too sharp, manageable one bite pieces.  Crunchy, but not too dry.” - Tony
-          4.5 – “Great crunchiness, sharp but soften after (illegible, marked down for bad penmanship)     .  Great, but not frightening gingerness.” - David
-          5 – “Love the ginger PIECES.  They get stuck in your teeth but, unlike corn, you are HAPPY to find them!!  Nice size – you can eat them in 1 or 2 bites.” – Susan

These are the Guest guests.  This is AFTER they ate the cookies I think.
You need to give these a try.  You will not be sorry.

Found these doodles on Andrew's review sheet. They aren't cookie related

More Andrew doodles - aren't they cool???

Price – $3.99 (and worth every penny)
Rating - 5


  1. Eat them with brie.

    You will not be sorry.

  2. Oddlyme - I TOTALLY agree! Eat them with brie. Eat them with coffee. Eat them with green apple. EAT, EAT, EAT THEM!