Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 194 - Salt Water Taffy

I thought I could review this product.  I wanted to buy it.  I find salt water taffy BEAUTIFUL.  The colors, the swirls.  The IDEA of salt water taffy is very appealing to me – it means SUMMER, vacation, seaside, fun, sweetness…  Then I tasted one, and I remembered the REALITY of salt water taffy – uber sweet yucky tasting sticky FLUFF.  I do not feel qualified to review this product with my obvious bias, so am turning this review over to my partner David:

David with the Salt Water Taffy before we checked out.  He was happy to get it.
"Tasty taffy.  The package is just the right size.  There are a number of different fruit flavors, but let’s face it, salt water taffy always tastes like salt water taffy, whatever the fruit flavor.

These are very good.  The only strike I have against them is the packaging.  In this, they are no different than salt water taffies:  each taffy is rolled in a small piece of waxed paper, twisted at the ends.  The problem with this system is that at room temperature the taffy STICKS to the waxed paper.  And just out of the fridge, the taffy is so hard that the paper tears or little bits of brittle taffy flick off as you are unrolling the paper and go everywhere.   My solution is to put them in the fridge and then take them out for five minutes before unwrapping the ones you want to eat.  Why they can’t find a system to solidify the taffy before wrapping it is beyond me. 

Hmmm, this sign says Saltwater but the package says Salt Water...  I can't remember which store we got these at.

But the taffy itself – delightful." 

(Note – Susan here – David mentions fruit flavors.  The package says there are cherry, strawberry, banana, red licorice (which technically is not a FRUIT flavor, David), sour apple, and watermelon.  I tasted a pretty one that was dark red with a white swirl and I THINK it was red licorice but I would not bet you $10 on that.  I had a pretty photo of it but sadly that Sim Card thing-a-ma-bob is not working and I cannot upload it.  Sorry.)  Holy smokes – I just read the back and it says a serving size is SEVEN PIECES!!  That overindulgence may be the reason David wants to give these a high mark.)

Price – $1.99
Rating – 4.25 (from David, NOT from me)


  1. agreed! love the taffy, maybe a bit less sticky would be nice. but i don't mind the packaging.

    1. Salt water taffy is a SUMMER FOOD, isn't it? Makes me smile to remember childhood summers eating it!