Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 210 - Fireworks Chocolate Bar

I picked this wacky chocolate bar up a while back, then we kept putting off eating it.  Other treats jumped in line in front of it.  But yesterday was the day.  And boy what a day it was.  J

The drawing on the package is old fashioned, but ain't nuttin' old fashioned about THIS chocolate bar.
First, let’s examine what the wrapper of this bar says:  “Rich dark chocolate with a touch of heat and a popping sensation that will ignite your senses.”

HUH?  Better check the ingredients…  Ahhh, here are the ones that “don’t belong” in a chocolate bar:  “popping candy” (aka POP ROCKS!), chipotle chili, pasilla chile, and cayenne pepper!! 


As you can see, David, a lover of chocolate, was nervous when we bought this one...
Instead of reviewing this myself, I decided to invite David (as I often do) and also our nephew Chris to share the experience with me.  So the 3 of us arrived early to see Cirque Italia, settled into our seats, and busted open this Fireworks Chocolate Bar.

Reviewers Chris and David pre-Circus and pre-chocolate.  David looks nervous, Chris is psyched.
Here is what we thought:

Chris (teenager):  (Before tasting) - Smells good.  Fruity.  (Took a bite) – WOAH!!  I was chewing it and it was fine, then I swallowed and it started FIZZING (points at throat)!!!  What an odd sensation.  It’s good though.  Kind of kinky.  Weird.  Would be good in a s’more.  Don’t tell your friends what kind of chocolate it is and they would eat it and go, “What IS THIS??”.  
Rating:  3.5

David:  (Before tasting) – smells very dark, almost like cooking chocolate.  (Took a bite) – I thought it was all over after the Pop Rocks and it was a little disappointing.  Then the HOT STUFF HIT.  That was a surprise!  And I was worried.  But in the end I think it was a good balance.  I like the chipotles.  I don’t really need the cayenne.  It would be good with espresso and a bowl of vanilla ice cream. 
Rating:  3.5

Susan:  On first bite, the Pop Rocks feel more like Rice Krispy bits than Pop Rocks.  Then bam – the hot hits your throat hard!!  The Pop Rocks stick in your teeth and linger on – popping after the chocolate is gone.  Kinky!  I think this would be a fun treat for a first date.  Impress your date by sharing one of these with them.  This is not a chocolate bar I would ever really want to sit down and enjoy, but it would be very fun to break it into the tiny little pieces and serve it on a pretty plate at a dinner party. 
Rating:  3.5

None of us really wanted to FINISH the chocolate bar, so I packed it up and brought it with us to our next event for the day – seeing “Brouhaha” at the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington DC.  Karen Beriss, a friend and reader of this blog, was seated in the row in front of us.  So I asked her and the woman seated next to her to join in on the tasting and reviewing!  Here is their take:

More reviewers!  Karen and Denise.  THANKS for helping!
Karen:  Note – Karen was well aware of this chocolate bar as she had bought and eaten it before and reallllly liked it. 
(After tasting) – I LOVE IT!  Suck on it!  I love everything about it.  I prefer it when it has been refrigerated (this was the first time she had one not cold), but it POPS more when it is not refrigerated.  Rating:  4

Denise:  Note – I had never met Denise.  It was fun to have a stranger review a product! 
It has Pop Rocks in it…  I just won’t stop…  My teeth are vibrating!  It’s in between my teeth, it is almost like it is going up to my gums.  Now it is dissipating.  I am scared to eat another piece.  (At this point I thought she hated it, but she was game and took another square.)  I LIKE IT!  I would buy it as a GIFT for someone.  It is a fun food. 
Rating:  3

Go ahead - splurge.  Spend $1.99 on a novelty chocolate.  
There you have it!  I will average all of the ratings together for the final score.  I still have a few squares left – wish I could give it to one of you out there in blog land to try.

Price – $1.99

Rating - 3.5

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