Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 207 - Javier San Pedro Rioja (Viura 2014) (wine)

Wow, it has been 34 days since I have reviewed a WINE!  I better fix that, stat!

Today’s review is a white wine – Javier San Pedro Rioja.  We picked it up at a TJ’s in Arlington, VA because we had not tried this wine before.  Last night we drank it with dinner (dinner was a Greek Cheese Spiral Thing-a-ma-Bob from TJ’s, to be reviewed soon, and yellow squash).  This wine was a good fit.  Tonight we are drinking it while working on computers and nibbling – right now we are pairing it with a paper thinly sliced ham (basically we are chomping on naked lunch meat and slugging wine – don’t judge).
Wine and computer work - ahhhh
Here is what we think:

David – I like it.  It’s got some substance even though it is light and fresh.  It’s got some cojones.  It’s not one of your fruity little mincing Pinot Grigios.  You can taste the Spanish Civil War in it.

Susan – fruity, though I am hard pressed to tell you WHICH fruits…  Perhaps a bit of citrus.  A dry finish.  Summery.  (Note –unlike my drinking mate, I do not taste war in this beverage.)

Nice label, eh?
I think it would pair well with pasta, fish, or a cheese plate.  David says he would pair it with roast pork, which we never have, so I am not sure how is gonna do that… 

(Or you could always pair it with naked lunch meat.)

Not a bad price.  Exclusive - doesn't that sound better than saying "store brand"?  Exclusive is FANCY!  :)
Price - $7.99

Rating - 4


  1. Could definitely see soldiers drinking this in the bivouac, surely.

  2. Enjoyed the 2015, surprisingly good with seafood for an under $10 bottle. I've made a note to buy more on my next visit to TJ's!

    1. And now that I am thinking about it, I need to pick up a bottle, too! :) Enjoy.