Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 201: Capellini

Look, either you LIKE capellini or you don’t.  It’s a super skinny Italian pasta.  I would say it is like angel hair.  So it is not a HEARTY type of pasta- it is delicate, quaint, and capellini-ish! 

Capellini meal 1 - served with olive oil, garlic, mushrooms, snow peas, and delicious shrimp
But if you like capellini, this is a fine one.  It is in the pasta aisle of Trader Joe’s alongside the other varieties.  I saw someone online worried that Trader Joe’s might have discontinued it, but I just called our local store to check in and make sure they still have it – Sally said indeed THEY DO. And it's pretty cheap, too.

Capellini meal 2 - served with a red sauce enhanced with onions, green peppers, and mushrooms with sides of zuchinni and snow peas
 Because it is so darn skinny it only takes 3 minutes to cook, which makes it a speedy little pasta! 

We recently served it with shrimp, olive oil and garlic for a delicate little dinner.  It is also good with pesto.  And we just had it AGAIN tonight with an Alfredo sauce (which I added mushrooms to). David really loved it and gobbled it up (well, he gobbled it slowly, he is a super slow eater).  In fact, he added butter and salt to the naked leftover capelli and gobbled that up, too.  This is a flexible pasta.

Capellini meal 3 - served with Alfredo sauce enhanced with mushrooms, fresh corn, left over Brussels Sprouts, and left over chicken (this was a "trying to clean out the fridge" meal)
I sort of wish this was a bad pasta, cuz you know I would love to write something about it being “crapellini”.  But I cannot do that.  So I won’t.  But I still got to say crapellini, so I am cool with it.

This is a good one to keep in your cupboard.

Price – $.99

Rating – 4.25

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