Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 198 - Jasmine Rice

Like the Basmati Rice recently reviewed on this blog (Day 191), this Jasmine Rice also comes in a weirdly designed bag.  You do not open it at the TOP, as one would normally do with a bag of rice, but a bit down the front.  Once you do the delicate opening trick, the bag makes a good pouring and storage system.

Here is our almost empty bag of Jasmine Rice
This rice is from Thailand.  It comes in a 3 pound bag and is only $3.29 (so like a buck a pound), which is much cheaper than you will find Jasmine Rice priced in other stores.  For some reason Americans seem to think anything that is not MINUTE RICE is fancy, therefore they should pay a lot of money for.  I am glad TJ’s doesn’t subscribe to that philosophy! 

The rice in the pan after being cooked, with 2 pats of butter.  We should have put something in there to make a smile, too!
Jasmine rice is nice (a little poem!).  Trader Joe’s guide to rice says it has a “delicate floral aroma”, but the idea of rice smelling or tasting like flowers is not appealing to me, so let’s not go there.  (I once ordered a LAVENDAR CUPCAKE at a fancy ass cupcake store in Seattle.  It was the prettiest darn cupcake you ever saw.  But BLECKO – cupcakes (or other foods) really should not taste like flowers.  But I digress…)
Another meal with Jasmine Rice

Dinner: Jasmine Rice, corn, squash, chicken, and Brussels sprouts

We eat Jasmine Rice a lot.  Like, a whole lot.  This is just as good as other brands of Jasmine Rice you get.  If you want to spend more money for it, by all means buy it all Whole Foods.  But if you want a good rice at a good price, pick up a bag of this the next time you are at Trader Joe’s. 

Price – $3.29

Rating – 4.5

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