Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 188 - Shrimp Springrolls

First off, these would be best to eat on a PLATE and not right out of the container, because they are messy.  And note – the container is hard to open.  We picked them up at the Trader Joe’s at One Pacific Place in Omaha and proceeded to eat them VERY CAREFULLY in the car we had borrowed to tool around town, a brand new vehicle that we did NOT want to drip peanut sauce on.

Speaking of peanut sauce, it comes with the spring rolls and is very nice.  Peanuty!  The shrimp are also very good.  The package says the whole container is one serving, but we split it in two and it was just right.  The cabbage and carrots are gently crunchy, which was a good contrast to the rest of the ingredients.  The spearmint was the best part! 

As a sign language interpreter, I cannot have painted nails when I work.  This photo makes it obvious that we bought this product on a day when I was OFF WORK!  Blue nails!!!

One idea – they could have used a bit of basil.  That would have made the flavor a little more complex and interesting I think.

These things make a nice lunch.  They are not your normal sandwich or microwave meal, which is cool.  But, like I mentioned at the top of the review, they are MESSY.  Make sure you have napkins handy!

A little bit pricey, but tasty
At $4.49, they seem a wee bit overpriced for what you get.  But then again, it WAS fresh shrimp, and I did buy them in Omaha, where fresh shrimp are not easily available…  I say cut .50 cents off the price tag and it would be better.

Yeah - shrimp in the heart of the Midwest :) !
Price – $4.49

Rating – 3.75

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