Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 187 - Wasabi Mayonnaise

We are a MAYONNAISE family.  Not salad dressing.  Not Miracle Whip.  Not even “Mayo with Olive Oil” (tried it – bleck).  No – we are a pure, unadulterated, mayonnaise family.  And we get through some mayo.  David slathers it THICK on sandwiches.  On both pieces of bread, mind you. Yeah, we love us some mayo.

So trying this product was a little bit wild.  It could have gone very wrong. 

As you can tell, I was a bit aprehensive about this purchase...
But it didn’t.  it turns out Trader Joe’s Wasabi Mayo is a kinky, tasty, and fun way to spice stuff up!!  I have dipped avocado chunks in it – yum!  And we have had it on a bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato sandwich – DELICIOUS!  Today we even had it on a salami sandwich – also 2 thumbs up. 

It is SPICY, but not like “OUCH I ACCIDENTALLY ATE THE ENTIRE BLOB OF WASABI FROM MY SUSHI PLATE” spicy.  Know what I mean?  You will taste the wasabi, but will not need an entire box of Kleenex for nose blowing.

I dipped some of these Florida avocados in Wasabi Mayo - oh yeah baby!
The label mentions using it in dressings and I think I will do that.  I also think it might be good with EGGS – like an omelet.  I wouldn’t normally put mayo on an omelet, but I DO put Dijon mustard on them, and I think this Wasabi Mayo might be a bit like the Dijon. 

This sign doesn't lie - this stuff DID add zest to our sandwiches
There aren’t often advances in the condiment department, but I would call this one.  Oh sure, it will never REPLACE plain old mayo in our fridge, but it will sit alongside it. 

P.S. - full disclosure, I also like this product like I like saying, "Wassss(abi) upppp??".  It makes eating this fun.

Price - $3.29

Rating – 4.25


  1. Looking at your avocado. I've never cut one that way...

    1. Yes, we do not normally cut them like that, either... It was one of those HUGE ones from Florida (sometimes called "slimcados", which, HELLO, is there a more "marketing" name they could apply? I think not...).