Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 185 - Paneer Masala Naan

When eating out at Indian restaurants, one of the best parts (to me) is the NAAN!!  Oh man, that hot, fresh naan coming out of the kitchen is sooo delicious!  It is hard to choose which naan to order from the menu.  Some time I should just dive in and order each and every naan to come out one at a time…  Ah – now I have a dream.  A naan dream…

Anyway, I have no idea how to make naan.  Also, I do not have a tandooor clay oven.  So, I cannot make them at home.

So I did the next best thing – bought frozen naan at Trader Joe’s!  and while it might not have been 
AS GOOD as when the waiter brings it to your table piping hot from the kitchen, it WAS good. 

Ahhh  - filled naan!
We are getting ready to go out of town, so sadly these last couple meals at home are “eat everything out of the fridge to clean it out before we go” meals.  That meant that this naan was not served with appropriate things.  It was just another item on the plate, but it did not get due justice in snuggling up next to a tasty curry or something.  Sorry naan!

But I did enjoy it.  It is very easy to prepare (preheat oven, then heat for a few minutes).  I didn’t read the ingredients on the package before eating and I THOUGHT it tasted like refried beans inside (which I registered as a little bit odd, thinking they were more Tex Mex, but I didn’t judge, it tasted good!).  

Naan on foil.  Better in your tummy!
However now that I read the label there were no beans…  Here is what is listed as ingredients: wheat flour, water, onion, milk, paneer (milk, salt, citric acid), sunflower oil, salt, sugar, coriander leaves, spices, dextrose, carrot fiber, yeast, green chili, ginger, and citric acid.  See – NO beans!  So that yummy filling must have been the carrot fiber, green chili, ginger and spices I guess.  Whatever it was it tastes good.  David’s opinion was that the naan was a bit too dry, but I blame us for that since we didn’t serve it with any sauces to dip it into.

Good price - comes out to only .57 cents per naan.
4 naan come in one package.  I think these are a good item to have in the freezer.

Price – $2.29

Rating – 3.75

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