Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 183 - Greek Honey Yogurt

I felt a bit PUNKED when I opened up this yogurt.  I thought it was yogurt WITH honey.  I pictured some nice, thick, golden Greek honey swirled around the top.  So when I peeled back the foil and saw NAKED yogurt, I recalculated my imagined picture and thought, “Oh, perhaps the honey is somehow on the BOTTOM of the cup…”.

Would YOU assume it had honey swirls??
Nope.  No swirls (or even blobs) of honey to be found.

Apparently this is honey FLAVORED yogurt, not honey IN/ON it yogurt.  Maybe if I had read the name more carefully I would have understood that?  Not sure.  But it was a disappointment to me.

We normally buy plain Greek yogurt (reviewed waaaaaaaaaaay back on day 6 of this blog).  Sometimes I add things to mine – honey, fruit, nuts, sometimes even (gasp I know) sugar on top (something I learned in France with Petite Suisse). 

So on this honey yogurt today I added pear and blackberries.  And those fruits were better than the actual yogurt.  It has a tart taste to it, not honey-ish at all.  It was not quite white so I am assuming the slight tinge of off-white is the honey mixed in?  It was very, very, smooth – almost too smooth, fake-y smooth.  I was tempted to spread some honey on top after I tasted it and wasn’t all that happy but that seemed like a rip off – why spread HONEY on HONEY YOGURT, right?

Next time I will stick with the Fage yogurt that is on the shelf under this poopy honey one.
This won’t be my choice for any more breakfasts.  I guess if you like flavored (mildly flavored) yogurts you might dig this one, but it’s not for me.

Price – $1.29

Rating – 2.5


  1. Generally their flavored greek yogurts are not yummy.
    But. In the fall- aka soon!!- the pumpkin flavor greek yogurt cup is totally amazing. And i'm not a crazy pumpkin lover. Also blended like this one but nice pumpkin spice flavor to it.

    1. OOOKKKK Ttrockwood - you are filliing my autumn shopping cart tonight! I will try that pumpkin one (I am also not a crazy pumpkin fan, but if you say it is good, I am in for a cup!).