Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 95 - Anthony Road Riesling Semi-Sweet

When in Rome…  Or should I say - WHEN IN NEW YORK CITY!

Fact – New York City not only has more than one Trader Joe’s location, they have a frickin’ TRADER JOE’S WINE SHOP.  Whaaat???  A Trader Joe’s just dedicated to WINE???  Yup.  Color me jealous.  And color me a fan!
Holy Smokes - a whole Trader Joe's dedicated to WINE?
When we went to NYC recently you know “visit Trader Joe’s Wine Shop” was on my list of things to do.  And so do we did!  The wine store is right next to the original NYC Trader Joe’s location.

The Wine Shop was lovely.  Ahhhhh.  Rows and rows of WINE!  No pesky frozen food section to get in your way.  And guess what?  They have free tastings EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.  Did you see that, Northern Virginia Trader Joe’s??  And – they deliver.  I kid you not.  Seriously, the store was very nice!  They had all the regular wines we see at our Trader Joe’s wine department (which, sadly, now looks remarkably wimpy compared to the whole store of wine…), plus they had loads of wines that our stores do not carry.  They even had a beautiful section of fancy wines that were recommended to “gift” to someone (“GIFT TO YOURSELF!” – that’s what I’m thinking!). 

Now THIS is civilized.
 But I digress…

When in Rome...  So when in New York, get a New York wine, right???  We decided on this Anthony Road Riesling Semi-Sweet from the Finger Lakes Region (upstate New York).  We chose it because;
a.       It was a “local wine”
b.      We had never tried it before
c.        It had a pretty label (don’t judge)
d.      It had a screw top – which we needed because we got it on our last night in the city so figured we would not finish it and need to haul it home

We made our choice!  Finger Lakes, baby
It was OKAY.  Not fantastic, not horrible, but okay.  I think they could have dropped the “semi” and just gone with the sweet, but hey, we don’t drink a ton of Riesling.  If you are a Riesling fan and live in an area where you can purchase this, give it a try. And if you DO want to try it, buy it at Trader Joe’s, because I just checked the website of the winery, and for some cuh-razy reason it is CHEAPER AT TRADER JOE’S than at the actual winery!!!  HUH?  $9.99 at Trader Joe’s Wine Store, $16.99 for the same exact bottle (same vintage and everything) on the winery website.

Cheaper than at the winery!
Trader Joe’s Wine Shop – 2 huge thumbs up.
This particular bottle of wine - comme ci, comme ça

Price - $9.99
Rating of this bottle of wine- 3.5

Rating of Trader Joe’s Wine Shop - 5

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