Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 98 - Rosemount Estate Ryecroft Cabernet Sauvignon (2013)

This is a wine we had never purchased before.  It was a “flyer item” – meaning that it is advertised in this month’s Trader Joe’s flyer (yes, an old school news print FLYER).  I do not normally take stock in the flyer, I actually feel sort of bad when it arrives in the mail and I put it directly into the recycling bin.  But an employee in the store told us this wine was pretty good, and so we decided to take the BIG GAMBLE and plop down a whopping $3.99 on a bottle!  J

See - only $3.99!  And see how it is marked as a FLYER ITEM?
 It is good!  Coming in at just under 4 bucks would normally make a person think, “Ummmm, yeah, ain’t no way that can taste okay…” but surprisingly, this one does!  As the sign in the store said, it has a “dark fruit” taste to it.  And as the sign touted, “Goes well with almost anything”.   And since you paid so little for it, you don’t feel bad “pairing it” with things like COOKIES or POPCORN! 

$3.99 - surely it will taste yucky....

But perhaps I should keep an open mind...

Because MAYBE it will be a great find!!

This is a good wine for opening when you know it’s just the two of you (or just you if your partner is on the road) and you are gonna sit in front of the television and binge on reality shows all night (or baseball if that’s your thing).

Rosemount Estate Ryecroft Cabernet Sauvignon in action

We will get it again.  Thanks for the recommendation, Trader Joe’s employee! 

Price - $3.99

Rating - 4

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