Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 101 - Belletoile Triple Cream Brie (cheese)

If you like BRIE, go for this.  It is such a good price, and it is delicious!  Get a fresh baguette and SMEAR this on.  Wait, you COULD get a fresh baguette (soon to be reviewed on this blog), put on a thick layer of Kerrygold butter (reviewed on day 49 of this bog), THEN smear this Triple Cream Brie on it…  Oh man my mouth is watering just THINKING about this…

There are several bries at Trader Joe's, this one is really good
I am sure you could make an awesome sauce with this brie, too, but when we get it we normally devour it all on fresh bread (or crackers if we are out of bread). 

Not a bad price- you would pay much more at other stores

Yum - BRIE

Triple Cream Brie rocks – get it!

Here is a hunk of Belletoile Triple Cream Brie on my picnic lunch plate!  SPRING has sprung - picnic!!!!

Price- $8.99

Rating – 4.25

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