Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 108 - Rabbit Ridge Paso Robles Allure de Robles (wine)

So, the sign at Trader Joe’s (U Street Washington DC location) had this to say:

Nice artwork on this sign - sweet rabbit!
Strawberry and Cherry with subtle Vanilla and Spice Notes

Hmmm – if I were to write the sign, it would say, “Heavy on the RAISIN, light on the Strawberry”.

Raisin with a hint of strawberry...
And really, raisin?  For wine??  I mean, it isn’t horrible, but it isn’t really the first taste I would describe as being desirable in something I want to drink with dinner (then again, fancy wine shops use descriptors like “cigar” and “cedar” which I also find disgusting – who wants to drink a cigar??  But I digress…). 

I picked this because there is another wine from Trader Joe’s that we like a lot and I thought this might be similar (only, now that I compare the two labels, I was way off, this is not similar…).  Ok, I also picked it because it has a cute rabbit on the front.  And of course because we had never tried it and this year is about trying new stuff from Trader Joe’s and reviewing it! 

You must admit it is a nice label
It is not bad, and it is a good price.  But with so many wines at Trader Joe’s at super reasonable prices, “not bad” doesn’t cut it for repeat purchases. 

Price - $6.99

Rating - 3

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