Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 110 - Opal Apples

You might think, an apple is an apple.  But not so fast, my friend, not so fast.  Haven’t you ever heard of a “bad apple”??  I was a wee bit nervous when I saw the Opal Apple at Trader Joe’s.  It looked like a cousin to the Golden Delicious Apple, which (in my opinion) is anything but delicious (talk about a misnamed fruit!).  Golden Delicious apples (again, my opinion only…) tend to be dry, pasty, and bland.  So when this “new” (to me) apple caught my eye but looked slightly like a Golden Delicious, I was leery.  But I needn’t have been!

Opal Apples - only $.89 and taste so good
Opal Apples are lovely!  They are not at all mushy.  They are not DRY, but they are not so drippy wet that you get juice down your chin.  They are sweet.  They crunch.  They are GOOD!  I ate one just alone as an apple and dipped another one in a luscious caramel sauce from Trader Joe’s (to be reviewed soon).  Both ways they tasted grand!  I wonder how they would fare in a pie…

In general, Trader Joe’s produce is sold by the PIECE.  This is cool, because you know before you get to the register what you are in for.  And for the couple of products I have price compared with other stores, the “by the piece” method as opposed to “by weight” saves you money at Trader Joe’s.

Try an Opal Apple! 

Price – $.89

Rating - 4

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