Friday, April 3, 2015

Day 93 -Baby Spinach and Greens (salad)

The other night an elderly woman and I stood at the pre-made salad section of Trader Joe’s, staring.  Neither of us could choose which salad to put in our cart.  “Tough decision, huh?” I asked.  “It sure is…” was her reply.

I went for this one – Baby Spinach and Greens.  And I will confess, I chose it more for the bleu cheese I could see sitting on top than for the spinach.  I LIKE spinach, but sometimes I prefer it cooked. 

Here's the salad - see the bleu cheese and candied pecans?  Those are the BEST parts!
But this salad was quite good!  The spinach was fresh and crunchy, the candied pecans were divine, and the bleu cheese topped everything off well.  (Note – I do not know why this is called baby spinach AND greens – I think the spinach was the only GREEN in there…  Maybe I missed something.)

Pluses – quick, easy lunch.  Just throw it in a bag, add a napkin, fork, and drink and you are out the door!  Healthy, tasty, not crazy expensive.  Candied pecans rocked and cranberries were a nice touch.

Cons – the bleu cheese was one huge HUNK and it was all globbed together.  Would it kill them to bust it up a bit and crumble it on?  Also, the raspberry vinaigrette dressing was a wee bit too sweet. 

Overall – a good salad from the many to choose from at Trader Joe’s.  I wonder what the other lady ended up picking.

Price - $3.99
Rating – 4

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