Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 103 - Chicken Shu Mai

This was our first time getting these at Trader Joe’s and we were happy with the purchase.  They are little frozen chicken and veggie dumplings that you heat and eat.  I cooked them using the “steam” method listed on the box, though you can also just bung them in the microwave. 

They come with a very nice sauce – mostly soy but a bit of rice vinegar taste to it, too.  It’s a wee bit tricky if you do not eat them all in one sitting, because the sauce all comes in one packet.  There are 18 pieces per box I think, so for two people that was a bit too many for one meal.  When we cooked the rest of them another day David had to whip up a bit of sauce (not to worry, he enjoys making 

Find this box in the frozen food section
They remind me of going out on a Sunday for dim sum – tasty little morsels.  Only, they are much more reasonably priced than any dim sum restaurant you could ever go to. 

Seriously good price

Note:  I have not mentioned this in previous reviews, but Trader Joe’s does a fun little thing with naming products – this one is made by “Trader Ming’s”.  Often “Joe” will be replaced by a name that matches the culture the food comes from.  Keep your eye open for that if you haven’t noticed it before – some of them are quite sweet.

Price – $2.99
Rating – 4

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