Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 58 - Capers

At our house, we have a thing about CAPERS.  Anytime we want to make something “fancy” (or pretend to make something “fancy”) we say “ADD CAPERS!”.  Because, in our mind, capers bring on the fancy!!  Maybe it is because they were something I never had growing up?  Whatever the reason, I LIKE CAPERS now! 

The thing about them is, until we found them at Trader Joe’s, they were crazy expensive!  Other grocery stores sell them in teeny tiny jars (near the olives) that cost an arm and a leg.  The jars are so tiny I always had to use a little miniature espresso spoon to get them out.  And because they came in such small jars, and cost so much, I was always very careful to only use a few  in whatever I was making.

See - an avocado gets FANCY when you add capers!

Not anymore, my friends!  Trader Joe’s capers are delicious and ridiculously cheap (or perhaps they are “priced just right” and everyone else is ripping shoppers off??).  Not only that, Trader Joe’s sells capers in regular size/shaped jars, so you can use a real spoon to scoop them out!  And they taste just as good as any capers at other stores, seriously!!!!  You get more than DOUBLE the capers as you would at Giant Supermarket for only one thin dime more. 

Trader Joe's capers - nice size jar and perfect price

Giant store brand capers - R-I-P  O-F-F (and lousy size jar)

And do you know what??  Because they are not expensive, you don’t have to feel guilty about throwing tons of them into whatever you make!  FANCY IT UP, FRIENDS, FANCY IT UP!

We use capers on salmon, with asparagus, in omelets – capers, capers, capers!  Always have a jar in the fridge because you never know when you are going to need to BRING ON THE FANCY.

Price – $2.69

Rating - 5

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