Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day 57 - French Toast

If you, like me, get up too late on work days to make yourself a nice, hearty breakfast, then you should try these French toasts.  They are super easy to prepare – just pop them in the microwave and while they are heating up grab your syrup, butter, and fork!  They are CHEAP – at $2.29 for a box of 6 that is only 38 cents a piece!!!  Why, you couldn’t make homemade French toast for that price!!

Breakfast in a box, right here folks
Most importantly, they taste good.  Cuz even if something is fast and cheap, if it doesn’t taste yummy to get your day started off right, what’s the point?  But these really are good!  I have been eating them with butter (of course), syrup, and toasted coconut on top!  Really nice!

See - cheap
Find them in the frozen foods section.

Price - $2.29
Rating - 4

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