Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 55 - Baby Broccoli

When we have “regular” (as opposed to “baby”) broccoli, I normally cook it in a steamer.  However, when we have BABY BROCCOLI I sauté it.  And THAT, my friends, may be the reason baby broccoli is tastier than “adult broccoli”!! 

Find it in the fresh vegetable section
This vegetable is a staple in our house (I crave green veggies – I like to have at least one with every dinner).  The 8 oz package is just enough for two people (well, it is enough for two people to each have a serving, then for one person (ME!) to have seconds!). 

Here is how I normally cook it – wash, cut the end tips off, heat up some EVOO and sriracha in a pan, put baby broccoli in, cover, after a minute or two add some fresh lemon, salt, and pepper, cover and cook a few minutes more.  You have to turn them a couple of times while cooking and oh man – are they good!  The sriracha mixed with lemon makes an amazing burnt-like sauce.  Note:  if not everyone in your house likes HOT stuff, do it without sriracha.  Last night I made them without it, I just used EVOO, pumpkin seed oil, and lemon juice.  Still tasty!
Preparing to cook
On a dinner plate!

Baby broccoli is the more tasty child of adult broccoli. 

Price - $2.79
Rating – 4.5

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