Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 53 - Grifone Primitivo (wine)

TRY THIS WINE.  Without judging. Without being snobby.  Heck, you might even want to try it without looking at the price at the bottom on this review!  Because it is GOOD.  It really is!

Oh man, I am not sure I should reveal the price here…  I mean, will it RUIN it for you if you know how crazy cheap this stuff is??  Here’s the deal – I really want to say the price HERE, like, RIGHT HERE and not at the end of this review.  But I promise to save it til the end, so if you want to drink it without knowing the price, write “Grifone Primitivo” on your shopping list now and give it to someone else to go get for you (I won’t tell you how much money you should give them for this purchase J ). 

So I am not a wine critic.  But I do know what I like.  And this Italian wine falls into the “like” category.  It has a really nice red berry note to it and is smooth and pairs well with food. 

Simple label, delicious wine
Don’t trust me?  Here is what some wine snob said in his review:  “100% Primitivo – Ruby red in the glass with a light strawberry/raspberry, floral nose. On the palate this one is fruit forward with more of those tart red berry fruits. This one turns a tad creamy before an acidic streak kicks in delivering loads of spice on a (slightly hot) tangy, tannic finish. While this one has nice forward fruit it is a bit rough and rustic around the edges which I like. For (price redacted, plus he paid less than me cuz he bought it 3 years ago…)  this is an enjoyable wine I am likely to be buying again.”
(from - and I see he DOES have a wine we are not fond of on his Trader Joe’s top 10 Wines List, but I will not quibble with him here…)

Are you writing it on your shopping list yet???  Try it!  Let me know what you think.  And if you do not want to know what it costs, stop reading here and send someone to go get you a bottle for your taste test.  The rest of you, keep reading to see the INSANE PRICE!

Price - $4.99 (see?????  I told you!  Under $5 for a delicious Italian red wine???  Count me in.)
Rating – 4.5


  1. I am not a wine expert. I received this bottle as a little gift of celebration from a friend for landing a new job. I just tried it, and I really like it. I am used to drinking Cabernet and Tempranillo wines. Like I said, I am no wine snob, but my simple palate loves this wine.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW JOB CHERYL! :) We are no wine snobs or experts either, but we agree with you that this is a great tasting wine!

  3. Indeed. A very fine wine for the price. I had my first bottle bought at Trader Joe's, winston-salem, north carolina

    1. Agreed - good wine at a good price! What could be better. :)