Friday, February 20, 2015

Day 51 - Blackberries

Blackberries are luscious little fruits.  Seedy boogers, to be sure, but tasty.  And if you do not grow your own, well then, you are going to have to pay someone else to grow them for you. 

Like any fruit, they are hit and miss.  You can get super juicy tasty ones, and sometimes you run into the hard, dry, not-so-good variety.  No matter where you choose to pick them up it is a gamble really.  The best advice I can give is wash them right before you eat (instead of washing them when you buy and then storing them) and eat them shortly after you bring them home.  Many a poor blackberry has turned into a hard little rock by getting lost in the back of our refrigerator and forgotten.  Sigh. 

Blackberries - tasty and healthy treats
If blackberries are on your shopping list, Trader Joe’s is a fine place to pick them up.  They are fresh, well packed, and usually very good.  We eat them on their own, in yogurt, on cereal, and everyone once in a while on a fancy treat like this!!!!

A chocolate cookie (half a Whoopie pie) topped with freshly whipped cream, blackberries, and a single blueberry!  Valentines gift from my love!  Blackberries = love! 
You might find them cheaper every once in a while on sale somewhere else, but Trader Joe’s are pretty consistently good.

Price - $3.99
Rating – 4

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