Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 49 - Kerrygold Butter

In our family, we eat BUTTER.  Not margarine.  Not “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”.  NO.  Pure, unadulterated, full of fat BUTTER.  Burp.

We buy TWO KINDS of butter.  One for cooking/baking – that would be the “butter in a stick” formulation (reviewed in this blog on day 27).  But then we buy BUTTER FOR EATING.  Oh yeah…  Butter for putting on bread, on rice, butter for when you want to TASTE THE BUTTER.

This is some GOOD BUTTER
And Kerrygold is what we buy.  If you have never tried real European butter – you need to.  Oh man, is it good!!!  They know what they are doing over there.  They are not trying to curb fats, or be calorie conscious, or make the eater more healthy.  No – they make delicious, genuine, honest to God BUTTER.  We leave our Kerrygold out on the counter in a butter dish and serve it room temperature.  There is nothing like real butter on your morning toast or oatmeal.

So now that you know how I feel about BUTTER, let me just say that Kerrygold is one of our favorites and one of the few non-store brand products that Trader Joe’s sells, and I am thankful they do!!!  At Trader Joe’s we pay $3.19.  At Whole Foods (aka “Whole Paycheck”) the same exact package of butter would cost us $3.69.  If I popped into Safeway I would have to fork over $3.99 for it.  And heaven forbid we pick it up at the Giant Grocery Store, where we would have to invest $4.99 in the same butter!!!! 

If you want to pay way too much, go to Giant
Rip off alert at Safeway

I will keep slathering on Kerrygold until my doctor tells me to quit.  J 

Price - $3.19 (crazy cheap for this much goodness in a foil package)
Rating – 4.75

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  1. You absolutely should use Kerrygold to bake with. I don't use anything else.