Saturday, February 14, 2015

Day 45 - Sriracha

Here’s the deal – if you like sriracha, you LIKE sriracha!  There was a huge stink (literally) about it last year in the media, apparently neighbors were complaining that the manufacturing of it at a nearby plant was making their eyes water (understandable really – I have made my eyes water and made myself cough often by cooking with a wee bit too much of the stuff!).  Here is a HuffPo article on the situation:

Sriracha, though very difficult to spell, is addictive.  It is a traditional Thai hot sauce/chili sauce and it is delicious.  Sriracha has a huge following – why, a large number of websites will even sell you TSHIRTS proclaiming your love for the stuff (one example here: )! 

If you have not tried sriracha, you should!  It is a great on a variety of food.

18.25 oz of flaming goodness
But here is the deal – the “real” sriracha, the one most people know and love, is made by Huy Fong Foods.  It has an iconic rooster on the label and a loooovely little green squeeze tip. 

Huy Fong Goods Sriracha - 17 oz
HOWEVER, Trader Joe’s also sells their own brand of sriracha…  Now, you purists may be wiggling in your chairs at the thought of eating a “knock off” sriracha, but TRY IT!!  It (to me) tastes just as good.  In a price comparison with a local (cheap) grocery store (Shopper’s Food Warehouse) the famous brand sold for the same price ($2.99) as the Trader Joe’s variety, but was a smaller container (17 oz as compared to 18.25 oz).  Sure, the Trader Joe’s bottle doesn’t have a ROOSTER on it, but it does have a really awesome fire breathing dragon!!!  The thing I miss is the little green pointy tip.  I know this might be totally uncool to do, but I think I will try to see if a Huy Fong bottle cap will fit on a Trader Joe’s bottle of sriracha!!  (If you have already tried this and have the answer, please tell me in the comments section.) 
Rooster Sriracha - same price but smaller bottle

So, that’s sriracha.  If you are already a fan, please try the Trader Joe’s version and let me know what you think.  If you have never tried it (and like hot stuff), GET A BOTTLE!

P.S. – Posting this on Valentine’s Day, cuz love is 

Price - $2.99

Rating – 4.75

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